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Hey, was wondering, does this code use Automatic Reference Counting – the memory management tool in objective-C?


Yes, it does. The source code uses ARC as memory management paradigm.



the app crashes because of the following problem. Please help me to fix it. I did not modify the code.

FifteenPuzzle(32854,0×39f60b88) malloc: * error for object 0×1c5db4b4: incorrect checksum for freed object – object was probably modified after being freed.
  • set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug (lldb)

Hi Phillipp! Thank you for your message. The application can crash if you make use of some FPUtils functions, due to a superfluous statement.

I’m working to update the package and upload a new one as soon as possible.

In the meantime, for brevity, you can delete the lines 78, 126 and 177 inside the file FPUtils.m, the ones reporting the “CGContextRelease(ctx);” that performs a wrong context release.

Hey, the app now works, but gets rejected by Apple due to insufficient interface. Can you implement a Tabbar for navigation. This might be sufficient to make it pass with Apple.

Philip, I apologize for that, but the project’s aim is not to provide an Apple-ready application. The game implements deeply a fully customizable fifteen board. Is up to you to add the elements that shapes your personal design to the application.

Anyway I can help you so, please help me to understand what you need to add. How many tabs do you intend to add and what views/functions associate to each?

i am asking can i add more pic or it just 1 pic?

You can add as many pics as you want, but is up to you to implement the code for selecting one of them.

Hey, instead of the start button, can you make a tab for the start screen and a tab for the puzzle. I tried but it failed with an error I could not fix.

Ok I’ll do it for you, but I have no time until next monday. Is it ok? Please fill your profile with a valid e-mail address to send you the modified package directly, I want to leave the actual version on envato…

Ok, sounds great. I will complete my profile. Thanks a lot!

my envato profile is filled with an email address. Just send the new file to metzthefetz at gmail.com . Thanks!

Bought this app, it’s horrible. I uploaded images just as the directions suggested by everything is messed up on the inside of the app….please advise?

Thank you for your comment, but I’m afraid you are not following all configuration instructions. In fact, you have any guarantee that it’s only necessary to change Image files to make everything appear correctly.

The final result depends on the images dimensions in terms of width and height in pixels. Try to provide the correct images and return back to me.

I need to remember that the software also offers several facilities to adjust the appearance – of the images you provide – in terms of scale and alignment. Have you used those before writing your comment?

Best regards