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Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you

Great Work, Good luck with sales.

Thank you

where is the documentation !!

Hi, Documentation is inside the “Assets” folder of the project.

I want to buy but I do not know how to upload or place my Adsense ad, you would help me please

Ok I will support you, let me know.

Hello, I already did the purchase and it would help me install google play please

Hi, If you want me to guide you through your submission, then please email me and we will have the conversation there.That would be easier. Thanks for buying!

can I test with a demo apk?

Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, please check the game on Play Store from here –

Congrats, good luck with sales – DCSF

Thank you so much! good day

I have purchased your Fidget Spinner apps now I have to add AdMob add can you do that for me?

Hi can you provide me support or not because I’m waiting for your reply 3 days

If not then I will contact another developer.

Hi, at least can you reply me?

Hi, I already emailed you but I guess you have not read. Please refer to the documentation which is inside the project. It has a detailed description of how to successfully integrate AdMob to the project. Thanks

seport android studio project,,.?

Hi, You can do whatever you want with the project after you buy :)