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Hi i bought your menu today. Can you tell me how to make vertical menu? I dont see any related topic in the docs.

thanks in advance

no its not possible currently as its just horizontal

any plans?

Currently we are working with other things once it is finish we can work on it.

So much for support. I asked a question 3 days ago and still no response. Btw, when I try to login to your support system, your website is taking me to register page instead of login page and it’s asking to verify username and purchase-code again.

i haven’t ignore please email for support

I posted my question in your support forum and it’s been weeks now. If that’s not ignoring then I don’t know what is. Here’s the question:

Sorry for delay in reply i have been on vacations. I have just replied on above topic please check it.

I didn’t put that at my website yet, I found out this problem while playing around at your demo document. the problem is the fly out menu (mostly at the right hand side), if there have many sub level, it will become “out of the screen” ,so user can’t see/click the sub menu item. I’ve tried to fix that but i am not familiar with JS, ;;;>o<;;; Please help, thanks a bunch!

what is the problem email us

problem with ie8 – ie7 there is a solution?

I am sorry but it will work with IE9 or higher version.

Great implementation! Great IDEEA!


i’m interested by adding your plugin in my theme …

I have two question remaining :

1. Is it possible to test the admin part ? before purchase the extended licences ?

2. Is it possible to handle the event of the mobile version ( to have a menu which open on click and not when we are over it ) ?

Thank you by advance

Hi, Below is answer of your questions. 1) I am sorry but we don’t have any setup demo for admin. 2) It’s already like that in mobile devices.

Maybe a little video capture .. to see how it works ?

It is not easy to choose without know :) ...

It’s simple jQuery Bootstrap 3 script. There’s no backend to modify options. You need text editor to make changes.

Hello, Is it possible to integrate your plugin on this model? with the same color in the same place as already installed

before I buy answer the question to be on

can have a demo installed mega menu this template

Thank you

Hi, Yes this is possible but you have to customize CSS to change its look and feel.

Hi, I am interested in replacing an older plugin that is no longer being updated, :: My question is can I implement FH mega menu in a similar way as navwalker is implemented? Are there any docs I can look at on installation and implementation, I really like the way this looks and I think your definitely developing things in the right direction.

Just to let know this is not WP plugin. Are you still interested into it?

Is it possible to get it into Wordpress again?

Please make sure you didn’t disable the JS into FF.

JS is turned on. I had the problem on other devices as well :(

Can we maintain a team viewer session?

Hi, does your menu have a fade option for the sub menus? I would like the sub-menus to fade in and out.

Please let me know, thanks.

What is your email ID i have fixed it for you and wanted to send you JS file.

I have sent you email, kindly confirm.

Hi, one more question. How can i get the mobile menu (hamburger icon) to activate at a higher resolution? I need it to activate at a resolution of 991px.


I also need this issue fixed as well:

“I implemented the CSS code but the dropdown menus do not position correctly at a resolution of 991px – they load beneath the entire menu. Below 767px the dropdowns position correctly.

Is there a fix for this? CSS fix perhaps?”



The code you emailed me doesn’t seem to work at all – have a look here:

Is something suppose to happen when i rollover the menu buttons? We have sent you updated files please check them. See the above video as well that the menu getting responsive on 991px along with fadein and fadeout effects.

Hello. How do I click menu item instead of hover only mobile device (or small screen devices).

Hi, Sorry for delay due to weekend. I don’t understand your question could you please explain?

Thank you for your reply. In the desktop view (wide screen) menu opening mouse over the menu. However, same situation applies in mobile devices. I want you to open the menu by clicking on mobile devices rather than hover. How can I do that?

It’s mentioned in documentation how you can change it please read the documentation if you don’t understand let me know i will help you anyway.