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hi, my script doesnt send activation mail to user? where i change the activation sender mail? or how to send? i couldnt realize. Thank you.

Write the name of the registered members and over again for each message so bad. At least it should be optional.

This is an excellent script, however I realize that the subscription form does not ensure that a proper email address structure is entered before hitting send.

Hi, there is a problem with the charset “à”. You can check in this confession:

In text area is ok “verginità” but in a title not work “verginit “

it’s possible resolve this problem? I think this is a charset setting problem.

Thanks. Stefano


Please open a new Support ticket on my support system:


I have open a support ticket but I haven’t received any reply.

Can you add adsense anywhere on site?

also, what is the admin url for demo?

Japanese characters not working. Test yourself. Just copy all contents from here -> After posting in japanese (including subject in japanese) nothing is working. there’s are a crash.

also lot of problem in asian language. for example, if i type Korean character in subject, it doesnt display subject. “안녕하세요” try to put this on subject.. it won’t be displayed.


oba4me Purchased

Please i need the script to create and anonymous community but as admin we want to know who post and comment so we can pick best problem to tackle and help resolve for people. also can people comment as anonymous too but we still have access to full details from admin side


oba4me Purchased

please i get MySQLi connection failed: at installation

Can you please fix problem from private ticket #1010764 ??? Waiting few days, is that ok?


Do you support rtl also how to translate site to Arabic ?


Hi can i buy oldest version anonymous confession v1 ?

hello Do you support RTL also how to translate site to Arabic ?

Captcha isn’t working correctly. Every time I try to do something it says CAPTCHA is incorrect. I’m doing the captcha 100% correctly. This is a bug. Unacceptable. Script is literally unusable with this problem.

Please tell me how to disable captchas entirely.

Waiting for your reply.

Cool script! Seems versatile for other uses. Is there a language file where we can easily change certain words/phrases such as “confession”, etc to another word such as “secret”? Or, do we need to manually edit the words/phrases across files?

I suggest integrating visual or the new invisible recaptcha into the register/sign in page.

Captcha isn’t working at all. I’m getting wrong CAPTCHAs everytime I try to do something within the script.

Is anybody there to help me out? Please support, I’m begging you. I want to deactivate the CAPTCHA service completely.

Waiting for a reply.

Before to buy “fess up” I need make you some questions.

- Can I exclude the captcha code from confessions and comments submit?
- Do you think to add gender class?
- Do you think to add age class?
- Do you think to continue to give support it or develop it?

Best regards Marco


djcuna Purchased

Not load the title of the confession…need help


starliter Purchased

hello need help individual confessions not loading