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Still unresponsive to email, Twitter and here. Odd.

I got a reply… Developer is busy but still supports the script


trappat Purchased

Any updates?

nice script clean coding i’m interesting to buy it but i want to make confessions after user sign in only is it possible

why no answer

if you can make this modification i’ll buy it


im editing the script fessup. im stuck at some point and need your help.

I need to edit the index page page where all the confessions are listed down. where is the php/html code written for that?

i found this in index.php but im unable to find the desired code here. where I can modify the confession listed on home page. I already did the same modification for single confession in view-confession.php page.

<input type=”hidden” id=”totalConfessions” value=”<?php echo $totalRecs; ?>” /> <?php if ($msgBox) { echo $msgBox; } ?> <?php if ($enableAds == ‘1’) { if ($adCheck > 0) { ?> <?php echo htmlspecialchars_decode($googleadrow[‘adText’]); ?> <?php } } ?>

PS my support is expired. thats why asking here. thanks

why the author not answering where is the support if purchased it will be like that

Author is Dead?

Nope, not dead :)
See my last message for Support information.

To all buyers and those interested, It is time to start giving my buyers the Support they deserve with the launch of a new Support System that is designed with Buyers and those thinking of buying in mind. Need support? head on over and check it out.

MySQLi connection failed: – when I input correct information, my site went down. Please help. I just bought the script and installation have permanently failed.

no, it is not working at all, the bug is not fixable and I can not use the script. Russian language or any other than English letters not supported. I really wanted to use the script, but what is the point if users cannot see the text and cannot click?

it’s not only SEO URL, I do not care much about SEO URLs at all, I just want to make a script to work, but the Subject line is not supported by your script. It’s a 100% not working script for me, not only SEO URL, it just not showing the URL and title. The script is broken and need significant revision to be MODERN and support modern technologies, not outdated OLD technologoies from 2015.

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi, is there an android project for the same? Can I buy the system and have an app

Any possibility in the future?

Possibly but no immediate plans at this time.

Thank you for the response


Tasalog Purchased

hello. i want to disable anonym post how can i do that?

Good Morning,

Unfortunatly, I did not include a way to disable anonymous posting.

When are you going to fix encoding? Make it UTF-8, to support Cyrillic.

I will look into it more on the next update for Fess Up. :)

Nice, how many years do you need to do it?

Is this script still up to date? I see it hasn’t been updated since Dec 2015.

Fess Up’s update is in the works. No ETA as of yet.