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I LOVE IT!!! :D is it possible to use more rows not only 3? can you explain in a bit how layers work I mean they are preloaded records or the moment you click work the category work is displayed with all records from database? can i use it in a large database with 4000-5000 articles?

Hi! Sure you can have every number of rows you want, it depends only on the css style you give to your elements. In the demos the elements have a width of 33%, but if you set it to 100% they will displace one per row, and so you’ll have 6 rows in the “work” page, 9 in the “social” page and so on. the demo is responsive so try to resize your browser to better understand what i mean. The contents of every layer can be preloaded at the beginning or loaded with AJAX if needed, everything is explained in the advanced documentation that you’ll find in the bundle, so you can place there every content you want. Thank you :).

Hi I have to say this script is stunning, I had to have it, brilliant, now I must say I am a keen amateur so if demo’s were included in the purchased download that would make it much easier for the people like me to read the source code of a demo file from within the purchased download and then integrate it in our own sites, rather than a trial and error process, trying to get it to work, any help would be great as I think us keen amateurs would love this one…...again stunning work..thanks very much

Thank you very much, i’ll follow your suggestion and will integrate some demos in the package. However if you have some issues/questions write here and i’ll be happy to help you. Thank you so much again!

Many Thanks for the offer of help, your swift reply is very much appreciated, but any included demos with the package download would be brill to be going on with, then I can see the various ways of using this awesome plugin and then decide which way I want to go with it, I’ll certainly ask here should I get stuck with anything when I choose how I want it to work, if you have any demos/files/folders already created you can use my email address to save waiting for an updated package so I can get started. but I don’t mind either way and will wait if you have nothing available, many thanks again for your time and help, appreciated

Hi, sure I’ll send you the demos. Can you please give me your email address? You can write it here or send me a message with the contact form in my profile page (

Hiya, still playing with the script, as i say i am a beginner so apologies if this is a basic question, but was wondering is its possible to swap the coloured backgrounds to show an image if needed ? i want to use the script on an iPad, but the rollover wont work on that device, well it works but just goes off to the link without showing what is behind it, so i need to change the front coloured image so an iPad user will know where the link will go ? thanks B

That’s a good point c2business, if the coloured backgrounds, which I guess is using CSS for the control and not a simple coloured image could be changed to use an image url link rather than a css call, this would be beneficial to tablet and mobile users, if this isn’t possible to change each linkable section to use an image, then maybe the option to use the same text on the underlay (hover) and have the same text viewable on the top layer, that would also help with knowing where a tablet user is going to be sent to from the link.

Your thoughts on this madferro ? – Great looking plugin by the way, looks really effective and metro styled ;-)

Hi c2business and MicKnight. Obviously you can do it simply with CSS. I created two demos with random images to show you how to do it. However if you look at the CSS for the demos you’ll se that the transitions on tiles are provided both for the :hover and the :active state, so that it works even in mobile. The two demos are listed here below:


Can you give the demo file please.. I need it :(

Hi, the demos can be found here :

Or, if you want i can send you the zipped file, just send me you private email address at

Thank you for your interest

Hey ya. Just purchased. Thanks for a great plugin. I am a JQuery newbie and I am glad I got it to work on my site. However, when the layers are transitioning i can see the other divs (at the bottom)

For example if I on the “About” section and I click on my navigation to move to the next div i can see it at the bottom. What can I do? Or should I just use line breaks in the html?

hi there, can u please send me the complete demo files ? thanks Nick

Ho, first of all thank you. Sure i will send you the demo files, can you please give me your private email address? If you don’t want to write it here you can send it at

Nice product =)