Feral - Social Communication Platform

Feral - Social Communication Platform

Important information

Read the documentation carefully if you bought Feral. I get many questions about the installation process which are all answered in there.


I can’t find the installation folder
There is no install folder. In your browser go to It should be available because of mod rewrite. Check your webserver settings if it doesn’t work.

I uploaded all the files to The applications doesn’t work.
You must upload Feral to the root directory of a domain or subdomain. Something like this: or

I modified the language file(s) but nothing changes in the application
You have to clear the cache. Delete all files in this folder: app/tmp/cache/persistant


Feral is a social communication platform that brings coworkers / friends / family / etc. together in a closed online environment. With Feral you can share news, events, files and messages. Members get their own profile with all their contact information, which is available to all other members.

As an administrator you can set Feral up in two ways:
  • Members see all items from all the other members
  • Members can follow other members and will only see items from members they are following
You also have the option to choose between:
  • Visitors can register an account
  • Visitors can request an account and administrators have to add the member to Feral
Feral is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Danish. Members can choose their own language.
POT files are included in the package, so you can translate Feral to your own language. If you send us the translation files, we will add it to Feral.
Feral is build on the framework CakePHP. This makes it easy to customize and extend Feral to your own needs.

Live Demo

Email address:
Password: johnferal

Email address:
Password: janeferal



Click here for update instructions
Version 1.3 (16 July 2015)
This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:
  • New: Pictures module
  • New: Spanish language support
  • New: French language support
  • New: Danish language support
  • Fix for users not being able to follow other users
  • Fix for users not being able to update their settings
  • Bootstrap update
  • Updated UI colors
  • Small bug fixes
Version 1.2 (7 October 2014)
This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:
  • New: Time zone support
  • New: Multi language support English, Dutch and German (POT files included; send us your translation and we will add it)
  • New: Optionally members can follow each other
  • New: Optionally visitors can sign up
  • Fix for the users being able to view items which are marked “for administrators only” by navigating to item directly
  • Fix for users receiving notification email for new items which are marked “for administrators only”
  • Small bug fixes
Version 1.1 (20 September 2014)
This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:
  • New: Search items in Dashboard
  • New: Pagination on the pages Dashboard, News, Calendar, Files, Forum and Members
  • Fix for the return key not working in forms as it’s supposed to
  • Fix for an error when saving an item with ‘Notify other members’ checked
Version 1.0 (17 September 2014)
  • Initial release