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You might do something just for crea8social?

No, I am currently working for socialkit only.

crea8social is simple .. if you do addons for that script, I think we will have more sales … advice

Thanks for your advice I made as in the future but for now I am a socialkit.

i have this error:

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but it works and updates the feeling status

Okay! I appreciate if you saw your problem you are mistaken.

is Feeling Stats work with Socialkit 1.2.3 ???

No, it does not work in v1.2.3. Operates in v1.3 ..

But if you need to v1.2.3 can contact me at this email:

Need live demo before buy ;)

Demo is not more important than the quality of products I believe screenshot shows the quality of the product itself.

I believe and I know I do, but I appreciate your comments.

my suggestion for you as a developer, can u create a sms notiofication plugin for socialkit ??? that will use the sms gatway to notify users and also signup using mobile phone…

Yes I think to do so in the future.

it would be better for us all, do it fast if you want more sales

I am very grateful for your comments and I will do so from now on.

Good information is that this add-on update’ve done already and all the problems of the beginning is already modify. Now you can continue to buy this product and other products from the ST2014 in my Portfolio.

Hello ! I ‘m going to buy but for the socialkit v1.2.3 Is it supports the extension of this version ?

No it support for latest socialkit

Hello there,

I have installed the script and everything but it doesn’t seem to be working.

What should I do?

Let me know,


contact in my email:

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yes i help you for installation.

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yes i help you for installation.

It does not work in v 2.1.0

Sorry it work for Socialkit V1.3.x but for v2.x email me: