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great idea, but none of the items in your demo feed sliders are clickable, so that I can get to the original post of this embedded feed??? That makes no sense for me …

This would be a great plugin for me, if the posts within the feed slider can be clicked to get to the original site of this feed.

Hi Thanks for your like. Well slider has click functionality, on click on specific slide it will take you to respective site, but click been disable from backend knowingly. We can enable it for you if you wanted to check? Thanks

Click is enabled! You can check now.

I am looking for this to present an ad or product. Can it be clickable to that url on the blog or store with the url on the rss feed?

Currently No! By the way where you wanted to use it other then wordpress?

I have a shop outside of wordpress with a nice RSS I can use. sometimes Wordpress creates so many files while I use a core that fast ;). I could always virtual import the site onto wordpress to use

Which CMS you are using at your site ? probably we could help you!

I agree with earlier posts … please provide demo where the slider uses multiple RSS feeds where each image is clickable and opens in a new window to the target URL … I will buy if this functionality is demonstrated!

Links Enabled, You can check our demo now.

Each image is clickable and opens in a new window to the target URL. Functionality is demonstrated! here’s demo url http://emediaexperts.com/demo/feedslider/


thank you for the “clicking” demo :-)

Could you provide please some screenshots of the backend (admin settings for the plugin)?

I’m interested on the settings, that I can make:

a) how can I change the height and width how the feed slider is presented?

b) can ONE slider have sliders from DIFFERENT feeds or just from one feed?

c) are there any CSS styling options (arrows, caption, box etc.)?

d) can I change the settings in that way, that not only the preview image is clickable to go the the other URL, but also the CAPTION? This might not be intuitive enough for some users to click on the image to go to the other URL. I guess, they will try to click the caption (like from your example 1).

Hi, I just bought this plugin but when using rss feed, it does not display pictures. The feed is from a gallery.

The code seems to be fine. Now slider is appearing but images not? Does RSS feed contain image sources in it? Could you please share actual feed url ?

Hi, an update version of the plugin is sent at your email address. Please replace it with existing one, it would resolve the issue. Thanks

Hello , I installed the plugin and set the shortcode available here : http://www.irso.it/test . The problem is that the feeds are taken but not the images . can you help me?

Okey! now short-code is executing slider is appearing but images are not appearing. Now need to confirm that feed source you are using contains images? Please, could you share feed URL you are using.

Your feed source doesn’t contain image source. You have to install a plugin on souce site that will include images in rss. here is link https://wordpress.org/plugins/rss-image-feed/

Can the slider show 3 images. Like a carousal?

Yes! it can be done with little modification in the code. Let us know we can customize it for you. Thanks

It auto advance and loop?

Don’t Understad, please tell us in details what your requirements are.

The carrousel autoplay and loop?

Yes! you can set it to autoplay and loop.

Does this support magento products rss? can we define with rss field to use for image and description ?

Yes! it can support but have we have to modify some part of its code.