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I just love this app! Is there any way to make it one story wide instead of two? I tried with storyboard but it didn’t work.

In the Home.swift check this code:
    // Resize post cells accordingly to the Device used
    if UIDevice.currentDevice().userInterfaceIdiom == UIUserInterfaceIdiom.Phone {
        // iPhone
        cellSize = CGSizeMake(view.frame.size.width/2, 160)
    } else  {
        // iPad
        cellSize = CGSizeMake(view.frame.size.width/3, 160)
You have to edit it to make its width = the device screen, or whatever you want.

Rockstar! And if I want Journal name to be “author” what do I do. On a side note I got just the “donate” link I emailed you about to leave your mini browser and open in safari – I changed the configs.swift so anyone can just add a link to that I’m happy to send the code if you want.

Sorry, your question is not clear… anyway we’re super busy with urgent works so we aren’t currently available for customization jobs, sorry.

I need to create an RSS reader app like the NY Times/TMZ IOS app for my blog site. Can I purchase this and set it up for my blog? I have little programming experience. I do have an apple developer account. I purchased the Radioo – iOS 8/9 Universal Multi-Radio Stations App Template (Swift) (http://codecanyon.net/item/radioo-ios-89-universal-multiradio-stations-app-template-swift/13386723?s_rank=26.). The project had simple to follow instructions that I was able to follow to setup and post an app. Is this the same way?

If you can recommend an android version I will be greatful.

We can’t build Android apps, nor we know who can does that for our apps.

How would I disable iAd from this app? as I only want admob.

no I mean to say, can’t be only news content only? not the whole website in webview.


• Removed iAd banners since they will be discontinued by Apple on June 2016, left AdMob banners
• Updated HUD View in Configs.swift

Will this work with partial RSS feeds? can app automatically convert it to full RSS ?

Hi, the app needs full RSS feeds, like the ones from new york times, BBC, etc.

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!

Hi, are you planning to update this to swift 3? Is the code commented?

Well I am learning swift and I want a good sample good to see how RSS is build, is this good for me to learn from? Btw do I have acces to the update when you will update it?

yes, this app parses RSS links and you can learn the code to make it happen from this app.
Yes, you’ll get notified by email when updates are available. Cheers!

i want push notification with it pls contact me for full requirements… reelmark@hotmail.com

Just emailed you. Cheers!

Hi, any updates on having a Swift 3 version?

we’ve updated this app to Swift 3 | Xcode 8 a month ago, please check the change log in the app description ;)

Hi I am using Xcode 7.3 and and swift 2. Is there any way to run this project in this environment?

Thanks for your quick response. Would you please give me the older version of this project which is compatible with Xcode 7.3.

sorry, we don’t own it anymore, apps must be updated and we do that all the times.

hi does it support RSS of RTL language texts?

Apple have rejected this app after submission by saying that “Your app contains content or features that may infringe on rights owned by news and media outlets such as, BBC, etc.”

We’re sorry, maybe it’s a new rule from Apple, we are not aware of it, or maybe you’ve got a bad reviewer (it happens a lot lately), so just reply to that reviewer and ask him what you should do in this case.
Alternatively, you may wait for a couple of days and submit a new binary, it may get approved, because the reviewer will be another one.

They have shown me a way by saying that “Alternatively, please make necessary changes to your application so that it does not infringe the rights of a third party. For example, before accessing the news articles;

- include links to third-party news articles that launch in a web browser outside of the application or - require the user to configure third-party RSS feeds/sources.”

Does it mean that when you tap on a news, it should open the link to Safari, not within the mini browser in the app?
If that’s yes you may give it a try, just replace the ‘collectionView-didSelectItem() method in Home.swift with this code:
func collectionView(_ collectionView: UICollectionView, didSelectItemAt indexPath: IndexPath) {
    let cell = collectionView.cellForItem(at: indexPath) as! PostCell

    let post = postsArray[(indexPath as NSIndexPath).row] as Post

    let adVC = storyboard?.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: "ArticleDetails") as! ArticleDetails

    // Get all strings to be passed to the next controller
    adVC.urlString = post.pPostLink
    adVC.postTitle = post.pPostTitle
    adVC.journalName = cell.journalLabel.text!
    adVC.mediaURL = post.pMediaURL

    adVC.postObj = post

    let aURL = URL(string: post.pPostLink)

    // navigationController?.pushViewController(adVC, animated: true)


So the app will open all links to Safari, if that’s what they want, which is ridiculous in our opinion, but what can we do against Apple reviewers? :(
The good thing is that from iOS 8 you have the top-left button to go back to your app without pressing the home button, so users will be able to go back to Feedews by tapping such button

First, considering I never have done Swift before, the fact that it took me four hours to customize and learn from your app is a credit to the docs and the code. Thank you.

I had two fast questions:

1. I’d like to add a link in the nav that opens an external window… it would be at the end of the tabs. I’m trying to figure out how to “hot wire” it to allow it. Do you know an easy way to add a plan “open embedded browser” link to the list of RSS feeds? (the ultimate desired function is a link that hits a search in an embedded browser, but that doesn’t need to be in the first version.

2. Are there plans to add a custom settings option to choose for push notifications by category? The app I have made in your framework has about sixty items per day in eight categories, and it’s likely people who ask for notifications would prefer to specify the source.

Thank you

Understood. I’ve worked it out so no issue.

I did encounter a bug. I can duplicate it the unaltered template (the reference set I downloaded from Code Canyon) as follows:

1. Load app in simulator. I’m using iPhone 7 in XCode (XCode 8.2.1)

2. Click the “Start Reading” button

3. As the first screen load, click/tap through the category buttons quickly. Doesn’t matter which ones, but I do it with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

4. This will cause the app to crash.

The crash references: this line in home.swift:

let post: Post = self.postsArray[(indexPath as NSIndexPath).row]

with a debug: fatal error: Index out of range

I have a screenshot I can forward, but you can duplicate on an iPhone or in XCode.

Is there a simple try / catch that can be done that either tells it to wait if index out of range, or a way to prevent the buttons from being clicked until the process is complete?

For what it’s worth, was able to kludge a temporary fix. Right below execute, I wrap everything inside the execute statement with:

execute: {

"if self.postsArray.count > 0 {
let post: Post = self.postsArray[(indexPath as NSIndexPath).row]

return cell


Not ideal but seems to do the job.

ok great, it seems a nice fix if you quickly tap a category button ;)

Hi , loved your design . want to buy but afraid whether it get approved. please email me . Have to ask few questions


hi, we’ll email you soon.

Very Hard to Find This Beautiful Application Iam Waiting for Android Version Please as soon you can.also Admin panel available? ?

you’re welcome!

Will there be any updates in 2018? Also, will you be adding a “favorite” or “save for later” feature? Thank you.

maybe, i’ll see what i can do when i’ll be free, i’m also sick in bed, flu and fever :(

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion ;)

Hi brother This application can be used as a blogger blog

Is there any modifications you can make to this script to show the RSS images, none for my 10 required local news rss feed displays. I know you have it set a way that all from your list displays. But is there anyway you can modify it for the RSS feeds I am using.

it depends by the tag name of your images in the xml files of your RSS feeds. usually it’s <media:image>, so check your xml file and tell me what tag you have for images