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does it render, iframe / flash content ?


Iframe and flash replaced by a rectangle field.

How can i add additional Text/Notes to the drawed shapes?

Not now. I have it saved in my TODO, but now you describe the problem in the first step.

If I buy this for my wordpress blog, will you help me install it? Also, another cool suggestion. Add a direct link on the email message where user took the screenshot.

Oh, its not yet responsive :(

Sorry for the delay. Of course, that’ll help you install it for wordpress. Send me your bought files and data to an FTP to


When I open the window feedback, I realized that I can select all categories. It possible configure the system so only one category is active at a time. I mean if i select the IDEA category, i can’t select in the same time the other categories.

Can I change the language to Spanish?


Yes! You can change the configuration parameter “multiSelectCategory” to “false”, then the change will be marked the one category.

Any languages:

Spanish: (I added now translated with english but i use Google Translate cause I do not know Spanish)



Can you add an Option to describe or write something in any marked area?

Not now. I have it saved in my TODO.

Maybe I’ll update this week.

Hi, Do you updated to accept notes on markerd area? I don´t received the e-mail when I tried your demo..

In this year I will update “Feedback” because now I working at new item on codecanyon. I’m sorry for the delay. My server gave me status “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender” with domain

Hi… Ok! Other idea for you: To remove highlighted blocks, put a simple X on top right, to close/exclude that block. It´s user friendly.

Thanks You for Your suggestion, i’ll had it in mind.

Great Product, works perfect :)

Thank U :)

Is this product still supported? I like the concept, but don’t want to purchase abandonware.

Yes. What you need?

Doesn’t seem to be loading properly for me.

Just sent!

I see.

Change the order of the scripts.

1) Load the files Feedback 2) Call Feedback

Example code:

By the way, eliminate error on page: TypeError: player.setup is not a function (File: jw_script.js:233:9)

Issue still not resolved.

No live demo? Lost sale.

Nothing happened. Thank you for your interest.

Will this work within a mobile app (if it does not work, can i get a refund?) Thanks