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this is verryyyyyyy coool seriously

yet any PO files for differetn langauges?

and can we change the text in the boxes where it mentions, idea, question ….?

Hi !

Yes, the plugin uses the PO files for storing translations. You can add or edit translations for example with the help of this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/

You can’t change the category of messages through the control panel in this version.

thanks for the reply yuriyant


Is there shortcode or PHP code I can use to manually place a link to open the feedback form?

Hi! here is an example
<a href="javascript: FeedbackScreenshotWidget.openFeedbackScreenshot()">DEMO</a>
or http://wp.yuriyant.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Menus-%E2%80%B9-Yuriyant-WordPress-plugins-%E2%80%94-WordPress.png

That’s great thanks very much.

Was considering purchasing this but the demo doesn’t work?

Already works! Sorry …

The demo page is now working but the demo freezes for me when creating a screenshot. The Create Screenshot screen is displayed with the progress bar about 4/5 complete but nothing else ever happens.

Very cool. I noticed you can’t scroll up or down the website to highlight though. Are you supposed to only highlight what’s currently in view on screen? Thanks!

Hi! Yes, you can highlight only in the visible region.

Could you reduce count of modal dialog? More user friendly. See https://usersnap.com

Hi! You can customize the design in CSS files

I think you should detect that your demo page is opened in CodeCanyon iframe and redirect user to page itself, demo doesn’t work in this iframe because of Same Origin Policy. Here’s snippet:
try { if (window.self != window.top) { window.top.location.replace(document.location) } } catch (e) {}

thank you)

I really like your plugin and would like to buy it but unfortunately the demo is not working properly for me. The same issue than Olimess : the demo freezes for me when creating a screenshot. The Create Screenshot screen is displayed with the progress bar about 4/5 complete but nothing else ever happens. Tested on all browsers and different computer

How do i change the name of the button ? The name is now “feedback and ideas”

How to restrict so only registered members can use the button?

How to change the tabs when the screen capture first window opens ?

I also wanted to use the program to create screen shots of final records when members was playing flash games using myarcadeplugin.

I do screenshot the screen. But not with a picture of the game/ final score.

Unless this is changed. The plugin is completely useless.

It seems the plugin needs more possibilities and more updates.

Hi great plugin

How to embed in php? there is a shortcode ?


The plugin don’t work with ipad…please can you update your plugin

missing js file assets/js/admin/settings.js

Aw maaaan! This is exactly what I need, but it hasn’t been updated in almost 2 years. Anyone know if this still works please?

Anyone? :(

I bit the bullet, bought it, and answered my own question! It works fine.. I just need to figure out how to increase the z-index of the popup

@mikebackhouse thanks I was wondering if it was working too

does this work on responsive devices

Is this plugin still active and compatible with latest WP?

I would love to buy this plugin. But please tell me… I need to send a screenshot with of the page with contact info in a simple contact form to the WP-Admin can this or you help? Thank you

Hi my site load external site using iframe can this plugin made screenshot of this page?