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Hello. 1. the ability to change the size of the credit rating to dramatically visible at the end of the post? 2. the ability to change the icons? 3. The opportunity to make the Top 10 was seen on a member’s profile BuddyPress?

Hello! If I correctly understood your questions: 1. Yes, all plugin styles are in CSS-file, so You can change sizes and fonts, and icons as You needed just in redefining needed styles in your Wordpress child theme CSS. If You could show me screenshot(example) what do You like to get, I will tell You, how it possible to do with the plugin. 2. Yes, You can change icons just in redefining needed styles in your Wordpress child theme CSS. For example, to change yellow star icon put in your CSS code a string like “*[class^=’new_rating’] .to_rating span.positive1, .rate_total span.positive1, .rate_total_short span.positive1, label#feedback_settings_icon_style span.positive1{ background: url(img/star_y.png) left 5px center no-repeat; }” and change “img/star_y.png” to new icon image (relative pass from your CSS dir). In my to do list is to make ability to change icons via plugin settings page in next updates. 3. Yes, You can do it via place plugin widget to sidebar in your theme settings (Appearance > Widgets > Feedback rating Top 10) or via call a shortcode [fdbr-user-top10 positive=true/false] directly in the sidebar BuddyPress template inside child theme. Widget is the easiest way. If You need to show Top10 only in BuddyPress profile, it’s possible to use the shortcode in a corresponding BuddyPress filter. I can right an example to place in child theme functions.php.

If You have more questions, please, write me. Thank You!

hi, i purchased plugin as i was expecting users can rate other user directly from buddypress profile and quickly only by clicking on feedback icons. is there any plans to update plugin.

I apologize for the late reply. It was a hard week. I am planning to do an update on Monday. Thank you!

Plugin update is ready and waiting for Codecanyon review.

In this update:
  1. Added user rating with “Add rating” button to BuddyPress member profile page.
  2. Added “Add rating” button to every user on BuddyPress members list page.
  3. Added option “Whether to delete all posts and buddypress activities from a blocked user?” (no by default) to plugins admin screen.

hi! this plugin looks good!

1- is there a demo I can try before purchase? 2- can it be used to review other users once a sale is made in woocommerce? like to put an option after a completed purchase where the buyer can place feedback on the seller? 3- can i add my own icons? 4- can i limit the stars that appear next to the user, like if the user had: 5 positive, 2 negative and 1 neutral = 5 (positive) -2 (negative) + 0 (neutral)= 3 stars positive i.e. working out the total by adding and subtracting the stars?

thanks :)

Plugin has been updated.

Thank you so much Sergey! you are the best! will buy the plugin and test it tonight :D

Thank you :grin:! I hope you will like it.

hi thanks for the updates. is it possible to open rating options in a model box when a user clicks on add rating in buddypress profile page, as my theme is not showing it properly.

Thanks sergey. it was a great update. Thanks Alot.

sent you an email. reply me when u read it. thanks

Hello! Thank you for a feedback :grin:! I answered you in the e-mail.


Add bbPress compatibility!


Hello! It’s a good idea, I’ll think about it in the next plugin update. Thank you!

This item looks really good. I like it.

Thank you! Please let me know if I can do something for you.

Hi – Im looking to build a worpress site where freelancers can create profile and add some work they have done. then I need it to contain a feature where their clients can visit and rate he users profile etc, to help them in future. the idea is a website where public can see which are top ten freelancers per category and use the best

is this possible

Hi! I can build such site for you with another version of rating plugin (I’ll create it) for your tasks, if you like. Differences from my current plugin are in the next main things:
  • Users must be a clients of current freelancer to rate his profile (my current plugin makes it possible for all registered users);
  • The number of feedbacks from one client to one freelancer must be limited by the number of performed works (my current plugin allows to limit number of feedbacks per time span only). So, we need connect the plugin logic with freelancer portfolio logic on the site;
With this in mind, I think, the new plugin is better to create in conjunction with the logic of the whole your site.

Please, let me know, if you are interesting. Have a nice day!

This plugin looks amazing! I just have two questions: 1. Can I allow only friends to rate each other? I do not want for anyone to be able to rate anyone. 2. Is it possible to filter or order members in the member directory by average rating? Thanks!

Hi! I apologize for the delay in replying. Thank you for interesting in my plugin! About your questions: 1. I think I can do it tomorrow or on Monday. 2. No, we will need another logic here for the mechanism of auto-blocking users. It’s better to write a new plugin, but it’s expensive, since it does not give sales here after developement. It’s easier to look another solution (perhaps free) and customize them to your purposes.

1. That would be awesome, thanks! 2. I understand, thanks for the explanation!

Hi! I apologize, I have not yet found the right way to implement the option to rate users on more than one criteria. The main plugin DB table, rating calculation, storage logic, and rating view functions are adapted to single rate criteria. This requires rewriting the plugin, but I’m not ready to do it now. I’m sorry.

Hi there,

Great plugin you made with Feedback Rating Pro, totally what we were looking for. However we would like to translate some front-end elements and our translating plugin only can find 4 strings in template file. Can you help us out with the settings or a language file in Dutch?

Regards, Johan Oldenburg


I’m happy to hear that the plugin fits into your project! The file with all strings for translation is stored in “feedback-rating-pro/languages/” folder and named “feedback.pot”. So, you could specify this path to *.pot file in your translation plugin, and create from it your translation file “feedback-rating-pro-nl_NL.po”. If something will not work, please, write me the details on email via contact form in side bar on this page –

You also could manually copy and rename *.pot file to “feedback-rating-pro-nl_NL.po”, open it in Poedit program on local PC, make all translations and save as *.po and *.mo files, then place this files in ”/wp-content/languages/plugins/” on your server. Please, find more information about this on

Have a nice day!

Hi there,

I understand how to locally translate a POT file and upload the po and mo files for use on a live site, but we would really like to use Loco Translate for this. See:


Sorry for the late reply!

You could use Loco Translate with this plugin, of course. Just go to menu Loco Translate on admin screen, select menu Plugins, find “Feedback rating Pro” on the page and select it, then choose “Advanced” tab and change template file path to languages/feedback.pot (I will rename *.pot file to feedback-rating-pro.pot in next plugin version, it’s a little bug now). After this go back to “Overview” tab and create new translation with click on ”+ New language”.

Hope this will help you.

Sorry for this little bug.