Feedback Plugin with Angular Dashboard Admin

Feedback Plugin with Angular Dashboard Admin

This item offers feedback widget that allows you to gather real-time feedback on your site. It is really easy to set up and customize your feedback form and place it on your website. It can be used as FAQ, ideas bank, bug tracking system.
This item come with separate Angular Dashboard Admin Panel created using nodejs and mongo for backend.

  • Easy to set up and fully customize your feedback
  • Self-hosted customer feedback software and support system
  • Easy to extend the Admin Panel
  • Admin Panel based on Bootstrap and Angular
  • Easy to minify and uglify plugin using grunt script
  • Your own user management system with administrative rights



  • add theme suport
  • add material theme
  • fix news panel

  • store original url to feedback object
  • add new methods to feedback api
  • add auto generate feedback buttons to all pages

  • add last version of Bootstrap (v3.3.4)
  • add last version of jQuery (v1.11.0)
  • clean css after remove old Bootstrap
  • fix some misspelling

  • create basic server based on express
  • manage admin users and store credentials to mongo db
  • create layout usign bootstap 3.0 and angular js
  • create responsive dashboard
  • add feedback admin page to dashboard
  • manage all feedbacks (approve and unapprove, search)
  • add feedback page to show all approved feedbacks
  • add jquery feedback plugin to page

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