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hello, I suggest to make the form go a way after the user insert his feedback.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I will consider that for the next update. :)

Yeah. As @sanayar2008 said Form should disappear once user gave their feedback.

And how do admin of the website see the feedbacks? what’s the backend demo link?

Hello. Thank you very much for the feedback and the question. As mentioned before, that feature will probably be added in a future update.
To your question: The feedbacks are being sent to your e-mail adress. You can add your e-mail adress to the system and the application then sends every feedback to it. So there is no admin backend required – everything is super easy. :)

I was looking for such form for my website http://www.itransition.com/. But what sanyar2008 has suggested if it is implemented it would be the icing. I am looking forward to the next update.

Hello, for me the script does not work

Hello. I just answered your e-mail. Can you please check? I hope it solves your problem. :)

If I was to host the script on subdomain.domain.com—can i embed it on domain.com with javascript?

Hello, thank you for your question. Yes, that should work without any problems. :)

I could use this and WILL buy it as soon as you ad the one line of code which opens a page of my choosing upon pressing the send button.

Or, can you give me a fix to implement this myself?

Hello, thank you for your question.
Sure I can do that. Just send me a direct message and I will modify the button to do the task for you. :)

Cant view the demo.

Hello, I am sorry for the inconvenience. However I don’t know what causes this issue for you – the server is up and running without any errors in the log file. Everything is working for me here – can you try again please?

when is the next update coming, which will close the form after submission?

Hello, thank you for your question. Hopefully the new update will be ready during the next 1-2 weeks. :)

Can’t wait for the updates!

This is not AJAX, this is a inline iframe….

hello how do I put this this feedback into a wordpress site



hello there I made ??if other users have the same problem with wordpress is to put 3 z -index : 99 999 ! important ; on the feedback button and the form of stars .

Hello, thank you very much for the quick feedback. :)

I added it to my website, but it shows up transparent—where the contents behind the box are clearly showing through the popup window. How do I get this to stop and for it to be solid?

Hello, thank you for getting in touch and please excuse the inconvenience. Could you send me a private message with a link to the site so that I can take a look? Thank you :)

Does your script include a feature that captures the current web page (link/URL) where the email comes directly from? I suppose so, but just to make sure. When I receive an email, I see the URL that the user makes a comment on the page. So, does this feature use an email? Does this script require mysql (which I don’t want to use)? Is there a javascript used (which I don’t want a javascript but pure ccs and php/html).

where do I see the results? Is there a dashboard?

Hello, the results are sent to you via e-mail – so you will always get new feedback directly to your inbox. :)


mtod_79 Purchased

Hi, I have a problem with receiving e-mail feedback. There is no error message however I cant receive feedback. Could you please give advise how to resolve this issue?

regards, Milen

Hi. How do I install this? Thanks!

Hello, please take a look at the “readme”-file within the application folder. This should explain everything. In case of further questions, please just send us a private message and we will be happy to help. Thank you :)


mtod_79 Purchased

Hi, installation is easy, however I cannot receive messages… Six days ago I posted a question without answer.

Hello, thank you for getting in touch and please excuse the long delay. Could you please send us a private message with further details and FTP access so that we can take a look? Thank you :)


mtod_79 Purchased

Hi, thank you for your reply! In fact the script works with gmail. The problem was with yahoo mail. Anyway, thanks for your support!

Hello, thank you very much for the feedback. Great that it works for you now. Best regards :)


I would like to buy your feedback plugin. Can you install it ? I ll provide C panel details.

can I integrated with drupal ? the live preview is not working, can you please provide live preview ? I already add as favorites