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Does the form show on posts?

Any chance This plugin would be perfect for making polls … any chance of that happening? I’d buy for sure. Sorry my english ==> google translator.


I just bought the plugin and was amazed how badly this has been coded. The plugin throws PHP error notices everywhere when PHP debugging is on. This plugin poses a BIG SECURITY THREAT ! Just try placing arbitrary javascript code in the text boxes and visit admin area to see the entry. The javascript code will execute resulting in XSS vulnerability. I’d like this plugin to be made secure and stop all unnecessary notices. Else, I’d like a refund!

If hide is selected, part of my site content disappear also..?

No more updates? No more support?

It says last update “5 August 12”... What does that mean?

Now it’s saying last update on 30 August 12. Is the plugin being updated or just this page?

@DanielBurns : Where do you see 30th Aug’12 ? I only see as 7th Feb’12 which is also the release date.

This plugin has never been updated and Looks like the Developer also disappeared from the site !!

He hasn’t even responded to comments that is as old as 6 months. ! :(

Hi there, please can you send me a live demo of this plugin, thanks

this is what feedback factory on wordpress looks like on my latest version install:

cant see submit wording… please help

I really want this plugin to be resurrected. I would really love to have a working, secure version of this.

Hi, Everytime I add this to my homepage page, my homepage does not load. Please help.

Got no response, so much for paying for it.

can you make this responsive?

Looks good I’m interested but I have 2 questions:

1) Can I expect this to work with Wordpress 3.8?


2) Can I create my own list of survey questions?