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Very useful, Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Nice idea but I wouldnt prefer t buy it. Its not that good. Maybe work again on the UX/UI to make everything more clear.


What do you think is unclear? We’re happy to take suggestions to improve it!


Hi I would like to buy this but I need to know if it can be integrated to Wordpress? I need it be blend it into my website.

Regards Olivia


It is not a WordPress app so it cannot be installed as a WordPress Plugin.

However, you can install it as a standalone application inside it’s own folder and environment. But it would not use the WordPress database or site design.

Hope that helps :)

How hard is this to install? Im assuming there are detailed install instructions. Im very familiar with codeigniter just wasn’t sure how this was built and what needed to be done to install. Looks very good though.


You can use our documentation to install it; but really all you need to do is upload the files, update the config and database files to your site settings and then run our install file.

If you have trouble installing it, just let me know and i’ll be happy to help.


Hi Can I set this up as SAAS like with you Project app?


Do you mean to set it up like the Project Box app?

Currently it’s not possible because the system only allows adminstrators to Create Projects and they are all linked to the same system.

Hi there yes like the project Box app. Could I just create new instances on the same domain instead?


To do that you would need a license for each instance you set up.

Interessted in, but Demo seems to be broken and nothing works. Tried to add project causes sql error… :(


Apologies! It looks like someone deleted the projects from the demo. I have added them back in and disabled this functionality for the demo.

Thanks for reporting it :)

What url do I visit to run the install?


Check the documentation for a detailed guide on how to install.

Essentially, you just visit and create the admin account from there.


I also replied to your email, but it looks like you have some issues with it as I keep getting Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently

can you tell me how to install it, i have just purchased it, but the instructions folder is empty

i am getting This is the install file for the Feedback & Bug Tracker. You should delete this file after you have setup your application to avoid other user’s trying to mess up your settings.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function form_open() in /home/leorulz/public_html/issues/views/install/index.php on line 6 the instructions are not clear on how to install the application

Hi Leorulz,

I assume you have uploaded all the files to your server. Next, you need to make changes to the config files as detailed in the documentation. Once you have done that, you should then be able to run the install file.

If you’d like me to take a look at your site and see where you’re going wrong, I’d be happy to do so. Email me a link via my support tab.


hi Patchesoft, as i have mentioned earlier, the documentation folder is empty, you might want to check your files. i did send you an email with the site’s url.

We’ve just completely revamped this product to use an entirely new code base and design! We hope you like it and find it better than the previous version. We’ve made lots of improvements to the system including adding User Roles and lots of Admin functions.

Looks ok, but not worth half the price being asked for. Too clunky, design is bad. Keep on trying

Thanks for your feedback. I hope to update the design later on in the year :)

Where, oh where to start with this mess

Firstly, bugs just “disappear” in the system. This is not acceptable, AT ALL

Secondly, author ignores the product. A year without updates? Critical bugs being ignored? No ‘support’ at all provided

I guess I should have known better and listened to my instincts. This project is DOA, completely and totally worthless.

Hi twhiting9275,

If you report any bugs to us, I’ll happily fix them as soon as possible. We are definitely not ignoring any critical bugs and we support all our customers.

This product is relatively unused so it’s hard to garner feedback from our customers on what to improve. But if you give us some constructive feedback on what to improve, I can definitely take it on board for future updates/versions.

My plan this year is to revamp this product to be more inline with our others but this won’t be happening until more towards the end of the year as we are super busy.

Let me know of these bugs you have found and I’ll have them fixed as soon as possible.


Who cares how ‘popular’ an item is? If you can’t maintain it, then you need to remove it. That’s your problem, not mine.

The fact is that this is a mess, as I said, and needs to be removed until you can fully test it. People shouldn’t have to forfeit their money because you can’t do your jobs properly


What I meant by popularity, is that sometimes when a product isn’t purchased often, bugs don’t get reported until someone somehow stumbles upon them. When I did my testing, I couldn’t find any bugs and so it was released. Whenever one is reported to me, I fix it as soon as possible and reupload the product.

If you’d like to send me the bugs you’re experiencing perhaps I can help you (I still haven’t gotten any emails about your issues). I just tested the product myself and I can’t see anything glaringly obvious, but please let me know what issues you are having. Most often fixing the issues takes a very short amount of time. Sometimes issues crop up based on different server settings so it’s hard to always find them all.

And there is no forfeit of money either; if you’re not happy with the product you can get a 100% refund. Any product on Envato can have a refund request made to the author or to Envato themselves.

Have a nice day, Thanks!

Hi patchesoft,

i am searching since 3 days something like your script, i found a lot here in envato but yours have all functions i need. I saw also that this is multilanguage, the user can change the language on the footer. My question is, can i add more languages like german etc.? If yes i wan to buy this.

Thank you !


Yep the system is fully translatable. You can add as many languages as you like; you just need to translate the language files :)

Hope that helps!

Hello, i am trying to install your script since 2 days without success. Then i test the installation on my XAMPP Localhost and works without problems.

I have my own server with a lot of websites etc. But i cant install. Works this script not with subdomains? I tryed it to instll this one with subdomain.

I use php7, i tested it with all php versions but still nothing is working…

Hi gamerPro87,

Can you send me an email with your website URL and any error messages and I’ll be able to help fix the issues for you :)


Hi. Is there any way to embed the Bug/Feedback forms into another website, by using shortcodes or similar?



Not currently; it would require some custom coding on your part to do this.