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Looks great :-)

I tried the demo and the rss from youtube doesn’t seem to work

Example feed

Fatal Error: URL: is not accessible

Please open up ‘Classes\Feed\RSSReader.php’ and after line 57 add following:

$tmpArray = array();
so it looks like this:
public function item($index) {
        $node = $this->element->channel->item[$index];
        //check node
        if (!$node):
            return null;
        $tmpArray = array();
        //declare image URL
        $imageURL = false;

this will get rid of that Notice.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks. Another tip :) Your documentation isn’t right. Where it says ‘this is how the full code will look:’

it needs to be (watch the endforeach now it is enforeach)

$feed = new Feed("http://FeedURL");
$items = $feed->getAll();
foreach ($items as $key => $item):
   echo $item->title;
   echo $item->description;
   echo "<hr />";

also for someone who has trouble with UT8 code and special signs


   echo iconv("UTF-8", "CP1252", $item->title);
   echo iconv("UTF-8", "CP1252", $item->description);
   echo mb_convert_encoding($item->title, 'HTML-ENTITIES', 'UTF-8');
   echo mb_convert_encoding($item->description, 'HTML-ENTITIES', 'UTF-8');

Also I think it would be handy to set the $this->cacheTime in your documentation something like $feed->cacheTime(3600);

Thank you again for the suggestions, I will make all this changes as well on next update.

I dont intend to be picky but i would correct the item description:
Feed Reader is a PHP class file which gives ability to include any RSS or ATOM feed on you wabsite, Now you can display Feeds with minimal knowledge of PHP programming language.

Maybe something like this?: Feed Reader is a PHP class file which gives you the ability to include any RSS or ATOM feed on your website. Now you can display feeds with minimal knowledge of the programming language PHP.

Again, no offense. I just think that a good item needs a good description! :nerdy: Good luck with Sales!

Thank you very much! I’m correcting it right now.

Great script :) I’m interested in using this as your demo “Google Reader imitation”. Can I switch also select to only show text only articles?

Thanks, sure you can, add text only feed to see how it will look

Hi, question…

I would like to use the gallery style to show a Vimeo video feed. Is this possible with your script? If so, do you have a demo that I can view before purchasing?

if there is a xml or atom feed from vimeo, yes it is possible, demos are just for demonstration, you can use your own style if you want, unfortunately I don’t have any demo that will show feed from vimeo

thank you for taking the interest

If I provide you with my Vimeo RSS URL, would you mind testing it for me? I would like to know if the lightbox works for the videos. I don’t want to purchase if it doesn’t work.

as I mentioned above, That demo is designed for that particular feed, there is a chance that it will not work as you expect, if you would like to see how it will read your feed try out:

or you can try API demo to see exactly what fields will be read from feed, example url:

Hey – based on my awesome results frm your other product – and the fact that i use seo feeds like a madman (think pipes, own sites, web2s, mashups etc for linkbuilding and indexing my own stuff)....

this could be insanely useful for me – but im wondering if it just rolls off at a set amount (like a 10 item widget in wp etc. or if there is a way to keep the archive growing caches pages or something…. if it were i’d buy for multiple licenses and would even consider (if you want and would) hiring you to tweak it for me?

This is a set of classes where you provide RSS or ATOM url and it gives you back the Feed as array, it does not have any interface or logic in it, in other words, this script just parses the feeds so it becomes easy to use in any web program, please note that it does not integrate with worpress, and demos are provided to show how can it be used.

even tho it maybe useful for developer to use this classes to read feed instead of writing scrappers, it may not be convenient for customer who just want to plug and play website..

I hope this makes sense. let me know if have any question.


I need to read CSS from an external site


With this script, Can I read this external css file and show into my own web page?????


I assume you mean, external RSS… yes. you can test it here:

click “Add Feed” on the left side and enter the URL.

hope this helps Cheers

The code seems incomplete. It breaks my site. Please advise on how to close the PHP.

You should have error log file, in you hosting, its hard to guess whithout knowing the error

Where in your existing code does it close the <?php call?

if it’s just PHP page it does not have to close php tag, can you please try demo and make sure it works for you?

Hi there, I just install it on my server and following the installation process but I get an error>

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ‘)’ in /home/xxxx/public_html/feed.php on line 4

Any idea about why doesn’t work?

Btw the demos are working (well I had to edit the patch since I uploaded the demo directory) so I delete 1 ”../” from the patch.

but I cant get the simple code working, maybe a misspell on documentation or something?

Can you check it please

try this one a simple code:


// Include Feed Class

// assign Feed url to variable
$url = "";

// Start The class
$feed = new Feed($url);

// set cache directory

// Get the feed as array
$result = $feed->getAll();


you will have to set your own path in include() and if you want for cache.

let me know if this works for you

Demo 2 (Gallery from feed) isn’t working, which is the one I was interested in.

how to delete added feed?

I am sorry, I don’t understand the question, can you please explain what to you mean?

Hello I need a product like yours so I have to ask does this only work on Apache or NGINX. or will it work on IIS6 or greater Thank you for your time.


this is a PHP class, not the application, there demos provided to see what it can do, if you PHP application works on any webservers listed above, this class will work too.



Great script, have been using the “Reader – Demo 4” for months. Works wonderful.

Just want to ask, if the rss post contains a link to an image, how could I modify the reader code to auto wrap the image link with some html? This way instead of seeing the image link, the full image can be seen.


123.jpg converts to

Thanks alot!

123.jpg convert into <img src="123.jpg" />

hello. I purchased today for your script. Unfortunately I have a problem with feeds which I wanted to use. Some feeds are just blank after add to custom feeds in Demo4 page. Can you help me out?

can you answer? are you still there?