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It should be clear to all that you cannot use this game unless you download the Constructor2 application.

I fixed number of layers to work properly on Construct2 FREE version. If you have any question don’t hesitate in contacting me.

can you share the apk files of all your games for android version. I want to test before purchasing all of them.

I just added to the product page. You can download it as soon as codecanyon team approve it. Thanks for your interest.


I bought this item, however, I do not have construct2, please can you send me the HTML5 version? Thanks.

Sure. Send me an email and I will reply with the file. Another solution would be for you to open the file with the FREE version of Construct 2 and export it.

Let me know what work best for you.

I purchased 3 of your games ( I think they look great), but I don’t have Construct2, nor can I get it because I use a mac. Could I ask you to please send me an HTML5 versions of the following games to me at tinygradstemp@gmail.com? I tried using the demo files, but they won’t work. If you can send me the HTML5 versions that would be great!

1.) Kids Coloring Book – HTML5 Educational Game 2.) Discussion on 50 States Challenge – HTML5 Educational Game 3.) Feed Mypetdog Number – Educational HTML5 Game

I will be happy to send you the purchase codes to all these via email.

I really look forward to receiving the files from you ASAP.

Thanks! Peter TinyGrads

Sure. I will send them to you now.

hi there i bought your project very nice work but im facing a problem that the sound is not working in the game on android using google chrome

i tried on more than 5 different android devices

any ideas ?

Thanks for buying my game. I will take a look at it today and provide a solution.

Hi, I reviewed the Construct2 file and it seems that the music and sound effects are working. The only thing is that when you open the level (sum or minus), it takes a few seconds to load the music. Also, when you touch the correct answer the dog makes a sound.

If you feel like, perhaps you can change the music for a smaller size that loads faster. If you need further help, feel free to send me an email.

Before I purchase, how many levels are in game?

The game has two levels: Addition and Subtraction

I bought this item, however, I do not have construct2 and the free version doesn’t export unless I remove AdMob (not sure how). Please can you send me the HTML5 version? Thanks.

Here is the instructions how to do it


ok, which which directory should it go under.. anywhere I copy the files it just shows an error

You need to upload the files to a specific folder in your server. For example, create a folder called game and upload the files to this folder. Then you just need to type www.yoursite.com/game/index.html to play the game. If you want to add to a page, you just need to follow the instructions on the image I sent.