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Pre-purchase question: My client wants to use FedEx for all bulk int’l/domestic items and USPS for all orders that are regular weight because apparently FedEx rates are a little cheaper for heavy items.

Would both this plugin-in and another shipping plugin work together (specifically, http://codecanyon.net/item/us-postal-service-usps-woocommerce-shipping-plugin/15148526)?


Hi there…can tis plugin be used if coutry of origin for shipping is Indonesia. Your fast response is much appreciated. Thanks


Hi, your plugin works for mexico, and mexican pesos and initial locate in mexico??

wont support, wont buy… WILL get my money back for the broken UPS plugin that doesn’t work either. ---- DO NOT BUY THERE PLUGINS ---—-

The author has disappeared and this plugin won’t receive updates again. The plugin does seem to work so far (FedEx Canada) but there’s no guarantee that it’ll be fine in the future, especially since it hasn’t received an update for 7 months already.

Hi, your plugin works for mexico, and mexican pesos and initial locate in mexico??

Plugin doesn’t calculate correctly. It’s charging $30 shipping for something that should be $10. I have the plugin configured correctly and locations are all correct.

I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method SYN_Shipping_Fedex::is_enabled() in /home/i303/public_html/demos.i303.com/berlingo-outlet/wp-content/plugins/synmedia-woocommerce-shipping-fedex/syn-shipping/class-syn-shipping-method.php on line 155

help please

Hi, I’ve applied it on my woocommerce store with fedex developer credentials, but not getting shipping method on cart as well as on checkout page. I’m having WooCommerce 2.6.2. Please help me out from this issue.

I get a fatal error when I activate: Fatal error: Access level to SYN_Shipping_Method::get_field_default() must be public (as in class WC_Settings_API) in /homepages/18/d643729878/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/synmedia-woocommerce-shipping-fedex/syn-shipping/class-syn-shipping-method.php on line 707

Hello, Does this plugin works fine on wordpress 4.6.1 + woocommerce 2.6.4 ? Please respond.

The authors lack of engagement on the comments here as well as not maintaining a changelog shows they are not interested in supporting our critical ecommerce websites. I have decided to move away from the WooMedia shipping plugins to those provided by WooCommerce.

The authors not responding to our emails and to our tickets, I sent at least 50 emails in last 3 months, didn’t get any response from these guys. And i have 3 months support period left….

For all of those that cannot get the “Fedex Ground” to show up as an option, this plugin definitely doesn’t seem to be programmed right. You can either have “Fedex Ground” show up or “Fedex Ground Home Delivery” – but not both. This plugin is supposed to do an address validation against FedEx to see if the address is a business or a residential address. But it doesn’t look like that works. However, if you want to get “FedEx Ground” to show up instead of the Home Delivery, go into the classes/class-syn-shipping-fedex.php file. Go down to line 474 that has ‘Residential’ in the line. Simply put to slash marks (//) in front of that line and save the file. Now, you will have FedEx Ground.

Also, for what it’s worth, the address verification is essentially ‘disabled’ in this. On line 380 of the class-syn-shipping-fedex.php file, that line is commented out – which is what should get the response back from FedEx for the address verification. I tried another free FedEx plugin and compared debut info – and both this plugin and the free plugin returned ‘authentication failed’ from FedEx when trying to check the address. Might be because my customer doesn’t have address verification access? Either way, the ‘free’ plugin would default to a business address upon failure and this plugin defaulted to a residential address upon failure. So the previous note would change it from residential to business.

I see the plugin was updated June 6th, is there any support for WooCommerce 3 yet?


crusin Purchased


the plugin doesnt work i guess. it just keeps showing a message called shipping is not enabled….


I am trying to fix the issue where the state is not automatically populated when a zip code is entered. Also Country should have a default setting to a country. We only sell to one country United States so this should automatically be selected.

Please help.

I sent a support request, but no response. I understand you are very busy.

I am asking: 1. From cart page – I only sell to US, I need to Set default Value for Country to be United States prefilled and I also want State to be filled in automatically when customer enters zip code. Are any of these possible?