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When I activate this module, I’m getting the following error:

Warning: imagecreatetruecolor() expects parameter 1 to be long, string given in /var/www/html/shoppingcart/system/library/image.php on line 96Warning: imagealphablending() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in /var/www/html/shoppingcart/system/library/image.php on line 99Warning: imagesavealpha() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in /var/www/html/shoppingcart/system/library/image.php on line 100Warning: imagecolorallocatealpha() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in /var/www/html/shoppingcart/system/library/image.php on line 101Warning: imagecolortransparent() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in /var/www/html/shoppingcart/system/library/image.php on line 102Warning: imagefilledrectangle() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in /var/www/html/shoppingcart/system/library/image.php on line 107Warning: imagecopyresampled() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in /var/www/html/shoppingcart/system/library/image.php on line 109

Could you please take a look?

Did you set the width&height?

Opencart Everything works – great module! Only admipanel error log is one notification PHP Notice: Undefined variable: izi in / home/u7937/public_html/admin/view/template/module/featured_category.tpl on line 203 I am pleased with the purchase!

The updated version of the module works with only. When did you download it?

yes. If possible, provide for download for all versions.

Hi man! My version opencart

This module supports this version ??? Or he worked only on

Sorry for the late reply. It works with only.

Hi, I’ve downloaded this module and installed it on a custom theme, it seems that the category module only displays as a single column, not many columns.

Please have a look www.mybatteryreplacement.com.au

Thank you

Sorry for the late reply. This is because the CSS is missing. Normally it goes in the header section. Did you modify the code in the header part?

Try to add the css styles for the module in the one you used for the theme.

Hi Ravi, I did not modify anything, except for adding your code. I do not know much about css styles so I will have to read up on this. Which line in the code of your module should I copy css style from my theme?


Normally when you activate the module, the css file “featured_category.css” goes directly in the head section. Did you try it with the default theme? If it works with the default theme, then the problem is coming from the theme you are using.

If it is still not working, copy the styles from the file “featured_category.css” found in the catalog folder and paste it in your main .css file.

I had a client license this addon just yesterday. Having LOTS of problems with it.

One, doesn’t honor the thumbnail image I set for the category.

I set the list of subcategories to be 5 and then later decided to use no sub categories. However, the new values are not being honored even though I am clearing caches and vqmod caches.

I would hold off on licensing this extension until the author fixes some of the issues mentioned in the comments.

Finally, even though Code Canyon shows this works with all Opencart 1.5 versions… IT ONLY WORKS WITH

I’ve put a note on the item’s description that it has been updated for on January 6. It will not work with previous versions of opencart because the code is different.

How do you set the subcategories to zero? It doesn’t honor 0 or a blank space.

Sorry for the late reply. Does it show all the sub categories when you set it to 0?


Great module. Just have a small problem. The categories are not going across the page. Instead they are going down the page. What do I need to change to get the categories to go across the home page like your demo version?

Thanks thj

Can you please post a link to your site? Normally it is due to the css file being missing. See my previous reply to “slodki” above.

Dear RaviG, I have always this problem : In MegaStore – Featured Category Module I can’t click button “Add New Category”. When I click, nothing Happen. Other point, when my module is activated : Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.../catalog/controller/module/featured_category.php on line 60

The lines 56 to 66 are :

56 $this->data[‘featured_category_cat’] = array();


58 $results = $this->config->get(‘featured_category_cat’);


60 foreach($results as $result){

61 $this->data‘featured_category_cat’ = array(

62 ‘catId’ => $result[‘catId’],

63 ‘catImg’ => $this->model_tool_image->resize($result[‘catImage’], $setting[‘image_width’], $setting[‘image_height’]),

64 ‘catDesc’ => $result[‘catDesc’]

65 );

66 }

Thx you in advance for your help

Hi, i have a problem with showing category thumbnails in homepage. I can upload image for thumbnail, but it’s not visible. I installed it again but problem was not solved.

Please send me a link to your site. Are you using oc

It works out of the box. ( I have also managed to show subcategories thumbnail, here is the steps:

Step 1. In catalog/controller/module/featured_category.php, look for
$level_2_data[] = array(
    'id' => $category_2['category_id'],
    'name'     => $category_2['name'],
    'children' => $level_3_data,
    'href'     => $this->url->link('product/category', 'path=' . $category_1['category_id'] . '_' . $category_2['category_id'])
replace with
$level_2_data[] = array(
    'id' => $category_2['category_id'],
    'name'     => $category_2['name'],
    'children' => $level_3_data,
    'href'     => $this->url->link('product/category', 'path=' . $category_1['category_id'] . '_' . $category_2['category_id']),
    'thumb' => $this->model_tool_image->resize($category_2['image'], 150,150)
Step 2. In view/theme/clean/template/module/featured_category.tpl, around line 24, look for
<?php $i=0; foreach($category_1['children'] as $subCat): $i++; //Get Sub Categories ?>
Add this line after the li
<a href="<?php echo $subCat['href']; ?>"><img src="<?php echo $subCat['thumb'] ; ?>" alt="<?php echo $subCat['name']; ?>" />

Can this be used as a module on the home page? I would like a featured categories module instead of a latest product module. I am referencing this theme (http://rgenesis.com/themeforest/RGen-OpenCart-Modern-Store-Design/demo1/)


Yes the module can be placed on the homepage. See demo

yes but would it tie into an actual module as seen in the link I provided. They are two separate things i believe

The module will work with any theme. You can add it to wherever you want (content top/contentbottom/Sidebars). The only thing you will have to modify is the CSS file to match your design.

Hi raviG,

Couple questions. I’m using categories to display/sort different companies and need to know if I can upload the company logos to use for this mod and then have a different (full width) banner/photo display on the actual category page that is listing the products.

Basically, company logos would display on the homepage featured categories mod, but when you click one of the links, the actual category page with products would have a (totally different) full width banner across the top.

Is that possible with this, or does it use the same image on both pages? Hope that makes sense. haha

Let me know, thanks!!

Sent you a message through your main profile with OC admin and ftp access. You should have it.

Got it. I will have a look and get back to you asap.

I double checked everything on my side and it is working fine here.

Great work, nice colors!