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Looks promising but wheres the live shot? you have a website but don’t have your own products installed?.. I would like to see this one in action (for page load speed etc.)

Yeah I got the same request for my other plugin, I’ll have a preview and testsite up and running next week.

Allright, I have a demo site up and running here. You can also log in with user “demo” and password “demo” and try for yourself :-)

Allright, I have a demo site up and running here. You can also log in with user “demo” and password “demo” and try for yourself :-)

Hello, Your plugin is responsive?

yeah it works on mobile and touchscreen as well (ipad/iphone) and the background scales with your screen. For an older (different) implementation of the plugin you can check some of my work at (like or etc.)

Excellent! I buy it… Thanks for the quick answer… dB.

Np, and thnx!

I bought the plugin. It works great but when I click on remove a featured image it says, “Remove featured image failed”

Hey rjkohli, thnx for buying the plugin. The plugin works with the Wordpress Post Image function so that should work as is. You do not mean the standard Featured Image you can set at the ‘settings’ page?

Is the image still in your WP Media? Also check if the permissions from your upload-folder are set properly just to make sure.

Hey atypisch,

Thanks for the fast reply. Another plugin was causing that problem. Great plugin!

Thnx! And I’m glad the problem is fixed :)

Hello @Atypisch, congratulations on the plugin, it works perfectly for me.

I wonder how I could set a link to the image in the background, type _blank.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Thanks for the quick reply, yes it would, and I would also do the same with the default image.

For the Default image I wrote a function called fbi_get_default_image_path(), which returns the URL of the Default image you set under ‘Settings -> Background Image’. So if you place this in your code:

if (function_exists('fbi_get_default_image_path')){
    $image_url = fbi_get_default_image_path();

then you will get the default image URL, which you could use like this:

echo '<img src="' . $image_url . '" />';

or if you want to make a link use it like this:

echo '<a href="' . $image_url . '">click here for the featured image</a>';

For the Featured Images per Page or Post you can just use the Wordpress Post image Function. Since the Post Thumbnail function only works as a direct function to get the image and not the URL we’ll have to use the wp_get_attachment_src() function like this (use within The Loop):

//place Post Id into a string for easier use
$post_id = $post->ID;

//use get_post_thumbnail_id() function
$post_thumbnail_id = get_post_thumbnail_id($post_id);  

//then if not empty look for the attachment (full)
    if (!empty($post_thumbnail_id)) {
        $the_post_thumbnail_img_array = wp_get_attachment_image_src($post_thumbnail_id, 'full');  
        $the_post_thumbnail_img = $the_post_thumbnail_img_array[0];

  echo $the_post_thumbnail_img;

Now you have the URL as well and you can use it the same as above with the Default Featured Image for instance. Hope this helps!

Wow, amazing support!

Thank you very much for your help and congratulations for the great plugin!

just baught it

it a great plugin it looks like images are cropped in an extreme way heres a link

anything wrong im doing tnx

Hmmm it looks pretty much right to me actually. But maybe you mean on a smaller screen you don’t see the entire image? In that case, try and upload a less-wide image, maybe that will help?

very nice idea but I would like to understand one thing, if there are more pages in the home is taken first? In addition, the image is taken out in the article?

Hey! Yeah you’re right, if you have just an overview of posts then your first image will be shown. There are ways around it though. The image is never shown in the article unless you just put it there in your content (it would be a bad functionality to have that as default I think).

You are welcome to try my demo-site on (user: test, pass: test)

Hi atyoisch,

before i buy your plugin two questions:

1) is your plugin compatible with WP 3.9.x

2) is it possible with your PlugIn to give the background image a dedicated maximum dimension e.g. 1080×900 px – and not to use/scale the background image to the whole Browser windows?

Thanks very much for comment this.

Thnx in advance :-) No updates planned as of yet (since it is still up-to-date with the latest versions), but if you have any suggestions for a future update please let me know. Cheers!

Hi atypisch,

You’ve asked for suggestions feature:

1) disable the default background images via the plugin settings with a one click [implemented about a options box] 2) specifying a fixed background image dimension directly to the image or via the plugin settings [and not via the css file – that is not upgrade save …]

Thanks very much for your excellent personal support and engaged assistance service!

Hey Hans, thnx for your feedback :-) Good suggestions, I will incorporate them in a future release. Cheers!

Hi atypisch, can you tell me please what could cause display problems custom background on my website ( using your plugin? I recently conducted an up-to-date on ThemeForest bought my theme, and I’ve realized that since No of featured images appeared in the background

Allright, if the script runs as it should then I think it has to do with a CSS rule. Your CSS is minified at the moment so I can’t really tell what DIVs are positioned where. Could you try the following? -> In the plugin, go to ‘css/background.css’. and find this rule:

#fbi_background { position:fixed; z-index:-1; top: 0; }

then change z-index:-1; to z-index: 999; to check if the background image appears. Then try changing it to a better position, ideally 0 or 1 and see if it still appears. If it doesn’t appear at all it probably is a jQuery issue with this theme.

change the “z-index” hasn’t solved the problem. no background image will appear. you probably right, it could be that this is a problem of incompatibility of jquery. Do you have a solution to coexist both without conflict?

Could you email me the theme you use at the moment? And a list of plugins that you are using? It might also be that other plugins interfere with the background image for instance. You can email me on

Hi, i thinking to purchase the plug,, But i have little curiosity

1. the image background format support a animated.gif ?

2. the images background works in Mobile browser ?


Hey Jomar, the plugin doesn’t convert images to any other format, it just uploads. So it should work with animated gifs as well. Same goes for mobile browsers. The plugin uses simple tables to center the background image.

But if you want to be sure, just try it on the demo website -> (user: demo, pass: demo).


Is it Possible to do a CSS blur on the background image? That would make it compleet :)

Thanks in advance!

Well, if you don’t add (or delete) a Featured Image on that page then the Default Image will be used (you can change the default image in the settings too). Thnx for buying :-)

I actually did try the blurring. Love the effect, combined with the opacity. :) Check for yourself!

Thanks for this easy and great plugin!

Actually the blurring seems to give some problems with scrolling espacially on tablets and mobile. Too bad!

Hi Atypisch, I am having a similar z-index problem on my theme. At -1, it completely disappears, and at 0, it partially shows, but still covers part of the header, the content and sidebar. If I move it to 1, only the primary navigation shows. Any ideas on how to solve this would be appreciated.

A very nice plugin if only I can it working.

Yes, thanks. Appreciate any clues on this. Site is

Also, I have been using position: relative and high index numbers to get most of the theme sections to work, I think the footer issue may be mostly related to Safari. It appears, then goes away, but then comes back on page refresh. Mostly I am still having issue with the drop down menus and being able to set an individual post/page background.

If you need an admin login, give me an email where I can send. Thanks, Bruce.

I had to disable plugin in for now as it may be conflicting with another drop-down menu plugin. Between the them and the plugin, just can’t get it to show behind the drop-down menu.

Allright I can’t really see the problem if you disable the plugin ofcourse :-) What might be the best option is to keep the plugin with it’s original z-index value (-1) and then adjust values in your theme CSS until it shows.

Can I specify the size of the background?I do not want to blur the background. I want to show the background clearly.

Hi there! Not as of yet but probably in the next release. I can help you though with changing the CSS part of the plugin to match your requirements if you wish.

Hey. Nice plugin. I was using something similar but it doesn’t work on MULTISITE. This one works fine in that environment. Minor problem. It is setting the image on archive pages which is creating an issue when a visitor does a Wordpress search. If the search returns less than three results in my masonry style results page your background image (it chooses the image from the first result in the query) extends BELOW THE FOOTER. Not good. Ideally I’d like the ability to limit the image to either POSTS and PAGES. Even better, the ability to choose which pages and post-types it will show on in Settings. You can see an example by going to this page: Click the hamburger menu top right and search the word AMAYA. You’ll get one result. Scroll to the bottom of the page. If you search BURGER it returns 6 results which does not create a problem. Can you help please?

Hey there! Thanks for buying the plugin and for your comment. I noticed your issues indeed. You can speculate whether or not this is due to bad Theme coding ( I’m not a big fan of these mass-template coding like the DIVI theme you’re using) but nevertheless we can work around it. Our plugin inserts a new DIV with ID fbi_background and sets its width and height to 100%. A fix would be to either set the min-height of your Theme to 100% or indeed limit the plugin to post/pages. I’ll look into that in a future update. I noticed an old function is deprecated so I’ll try to work on a plugin update in the near future.

As for your problem I think we can use an easier fix. Since we have a body-class specified for each post-type in WP we can use that to disable the background on certain pages (on your page source look at the classes specified in the tag for reference).

If you look in our plugin files, go to css/background.css. To disable the background image on search pages, add this code below:

/* hide background on search results*/ .search-results #fbi_background { display: none !important; height: 0 !important; }

I added the !important tag for dramatic effects :-) Now you can overrule the page background and disable it on any page you like depending on the body-class. Hope this helps you! Greetings,


Is this plugin still supported