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On your demo, if I click the X button, the widget vanishes. You need to make:

1.the option of minimizing it 2.the option of displaying on link/button click

Hey bsdpowa, that’s intentional. Clicking cancel minimizes the widget. The close button is for users that do not want to see it. There is a cookie setting to define how long the widget should be disabled/not shown.

How long is that? Because I opened the demo again and I can’t see it. It’s been about 7-8h since.

By default, it’s set to 1 day

Is there a way to disable the “X” button so it does not disappear completely?


Hi Mavrik, you can comment or remove the line of html that contains the x. It’s (<button class=”close” type=”button” title=”Close”>×</button>). I will update the widget to include an option for disabling it.



Please could you tell me if it is possible to get the form open by default instead of clicking on it to see it ?

Can we put the JS code between the body tags ?

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi! You can add js code between the body tags.

You can have the form open by default by adding the call to $.showFeatureRequest(); like:

$(document).ready(function () { $.loadFeatureRequest(); $.showFeatureRequest(); });

Hi, Just bought your script and get “We could not process your request.” Where do i set the mailserver or SMTP. How do i know what “We could not process your request” causes?


Hi! Thanks for purchasing. Did you update the example/config.php correctly? Those values are used to send the email properly. If you’ve filled them out correctly and it still does not work, it’s likely due to server settings. I would check with your host to verify that the native mail function is supported for php on your server.

Can you make this appear automatically on page load as a modal window?

I’ll look into it

Awesome work! Good luck with sales