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Feature Presenter

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Demo GIF [ Visit the demo link for smoother animation ]

Feature Presenter is a responsive jQuery plugin that presents your features in a different way. Instead of showing features as a list, it presents them as a circular animation.
Features are placed along a circular path. When a user clicks on a feature, the feature is revolved along the circle and shown to the user along with the feature description.

In case of mobile devices that does not provide the required width, features will be shown as a grid / list

Here is a demo


  1. Add any number of features. The plugin calculates the position of each feature along the circular path and places them appropriately
  2. You can set the radius of the circular path
  3. From version 1.4 you can choose from 2 animation modes – CSS based or Javascript based. Javascript based animations(using requestAnimationFrame) are smoother and provide better frame rates(~60 fps)
  4. You can set the duration of the animation [ From version 1.4 you can do it by editing the code ]
  5. You can set feature properties. Each feature consists of an image, heading & description
  6. Other properties that can be set are the top & bottom margin, size of normal & highlighted feature images, spacings
  7. From version 1.5 you can use Font Awesome icons, in addition to images
  8. For icons you can change the color, border width
  9. From version 1.6 you can set automatic animation, with a specified interval
  10. From version 1.6 it works in IE8 & IE9 – features will be shown as a grid/list
  11. From version 1.6 it is responsive – for devices that provide less space, features are shown as a grid/list
  12. From version 1.7 it is possible to place text in all four directions – right, left, top & bottom

Update History

Update 1.8 [29/2/16]
  • Fixed a bug related to the order of display of features in normal & mobile view
  • Update 1.7 [26/6/15]
  • Added “text_position” option to place text in 4 directions – right, left, top & bottom
  • Update 1.6 [4/5/15]
  • Added responsiveness – for devices that provide less space, features are shown as a list
  • Added support for IE8 & IE9. Features are shown as a list in these browsers.
  • Added automatic animation – set a interval in seconds
  • Container in which animations run changed from relative to absolute to improve page rendering.
  • Update 1.5 [27/4/15]
  • Added Font Awesome Icons support
  • Added options – color & border width for icons
  • Update 1.4.1 [14/4/15]
  • Bug fixes
  • Update 1.4 [13/4/15]
  • Added “animation_mode” option – choose from CSS or Javascript based animations
  • Added support for Opera
  • Update 1.3 [9/4/15]
  • Improved algorithm for circular motion
  • Optimized code, reduced by ~50 lines
  • Update 1.2 [5/3/15]
  • JS updates for smoother animations
  • Update 1.1 [1/3/15]
  • CSS edit to render scaled images better
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