FbComb - Fresh viral Fb app

FbComb - Fresh viral Fb app

What is this script about?

Fbcomb is the first script that allows you to insert 2 facebook users,and based on their common interests,you will receive the level of compatibility.It has a pretty complex altghoritm on the backend,that tries to make the compatibility level real as much as possible,altough,if the profiles are inaccessible or they are private,the script will generate a random compatibility level,but as the same time,constant,so if you insert the same profiles 2 times,you will get the same result.You can also chose and optimize you matching altgorithm from the admin panel.


  • Ajax powered
  • Common Facebook tags
  • Admin panel
  • No API required
  • Tooltips included for images
  • Well SEO optimized
  • Great security (logging system,sha256 hashing,etc)
  • and moreā€¦

The script is written in a robust way,to run it on a server,you only need PHP 5.x , Mysql 5.x and cURL extension for PHP.


3/07/2016 [1.9]

  • Fixed the main problems ( FB API Changes )
  • Multiple bugs and typos fixed
  • Multiple code and database improvements ( For faster loading and much more )
  • Many other bugs fixed and design improvements

5/18/2015 [1.8]

  • Fully redesigned Admin panel, migrated to Bootstrap 3
  • Redesigned the public home page
  • Fixed other bugs and added many other UI/UX improvements

2/9/2015 [1.7]

  • Fully redesigned the site, migrated to Bootstrap 3
  • Fixed other minor bugs

29/04/2014 [1.5]

  • Fixed a bug, when entered empty profiles

10/22/2013 [1.4]

  • Improved algorithm (better random grades)
  • Fixed the bug when different grades were inserted in the DB
  • The form will not be submited if the boxes are empty (avoiding empty matches)
  • Fixed some other minor bugs

10/19/2013 [1.3]

  • Improved algorithm (less server load, some major bugs removed)
  • Fixed some design problems
  • Fixed other minor bugs

07/15/2013 [1.2]

  • Fixed a bug related to the profile image loading.

05/19/2013 [1.1]

  • Cleaned the code a little(Php short tags replaced)
  • Improved algorithm(No more empty results,if profiles are unaccessible)