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How long before update is available? I am waiting to purchase..

I understand, it is definitely a lot of work..

My goal is to use your system and highly modify it for use internally for a small team of developers (10-15) in my company.. I dont want to purchase it now and have to apply updates later that will overwrite all changes that I will complete in your script..

Soon as you have it ready with the new update and at least ftp accessability, I will purchase it the same day it is available friend..

If you are interested in completing with all options (ftp,dropbox and others you mentioned) much faster than stated (within a couple weeks), I will pay a premium price for this product..

Thank you for your time! Great script friend!

Thanks for hearing that.

I also started before some time with this concept for studios (just menu concept of contained modules, design is Metronic from ThemeForest and provides insane amount of things, which can be used): user & pass: tester

It can also contain projects, workers can be assigned only to selected projects, etc. Also some file versions, code reviewing & commenting; maybe connected to Git …

But I didn’t continued, because I’m not sure, if it can have success. What do you think about that? Because if I will start with that after editor, it will take at least few months and will be neccessary to buy extended license to metronic, which will cost me $1000, so take this as small research, it there are some interests from studios, because always is better to use desktop IDE.

Thanks for your response.

That is indeed a very nice script, I can see a lot of potential for it!

However, there are a few features that I would need to remove for my exact use.. The editor version you currently have in development is almost perfect for me.. If you added a file revision system in the code editor section it would really be 85% perfect for my use.. Can’t wait to get the script w/ new update..

Is this still being updated? Has the update been uploaded here to CodeCanyon? Looks great by the way :)

Hello, yes, new version was planned to last weekend, but still waiting / fixing some bugs from few test users.

Thanks. :-)

great thank you, i’d be willing to test it as well if interested?

Hello, Is the new version ready for release?


Hello, no, it isn’t, just do not have time to complete it. You can email me for further details, if you want.

I hope I will get to complete it in about two months, maybe as Christmas gift, now I’m fully out of time capacity because of work.

How’s this Christmas gift coming along? Almost ready or still abandoned for now?

Hello, I’m finishing another project before Christmas, so I will be finishing / rewriting editor without FTP & Dropbox support after them. Caused because of FTP is not working correctly as I remember and needs more debugging.

Have you began working on this project again?

Any updates on the new script or still abandoned?

Definitely abandoned.

editor charset code in 8859-1 or windows-1252. Show caracteres error example “N?o foi poss?vel”, correct is “Não foi possível”. how can I fix? Thanks!!

Solving via email.

Hi, do you plan to have a search text feature and also a way to see the match between and ?

Hi, sorry for late answer. There is currently no active development at this project, only bugfixing.

I’m actually very busy with other projects, but I finally got some time to develop also this one again, so I going to add it to my backlog and implement that to new the version.

Great project!

Is possible to hide some folder or php file? Thanks

Hello. Yes, it is possible. There are two array variables at config.php file for files & directories exclusion.

Thanks. Frank

Hi Author,

This is a nice script and i like it and planning to buy it but no update and latest development for 3 years. Hope you will update this script soon.


Hi Author,

Does this editor will work in Socialkit script and other scripts that are base on php, bootstrap 3 including these files – JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP? Please reply.

Thank you.