FBC Code Editor

FBC Code Editor

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Your best choice in online files editting! Also includes DB editor, simply switch to Database Admin in your editor and edit your database, simultaneously when you are creating files.

Simply upload one dir and edit your files online.


  • Syntax highlighter supports C-like langs, PHP, JS, CSS, XML and more.
  • Editting multiple files simultaneously.
  • Edit/create/delete/rename your files.
  • Database editor

At this time, I’m working on some optimalizations, better user inferface, better error messages and more! Will come in version 0.4!

Actual minor update!

Updated error in service.php with longer files (which was still solved via email)

New version has come (v0.3)!

V0.3 features:
 - SAVE AS function - you can now edit your file and save it as another file!
 - EXCLUDING FILES & DIRS from file browser
 - SafeStream procotol (safer saving files - it locks file, 
   while writing and after unlocks)
 - updated Adminer (Database Editor) to version 3.7.1

V0.2 features:
 - File browser - added options to DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD file!
 - added icon to refresh edited document (if you made some changes and want back 
   original file, you do not have to close and open, just click refresh button)
 - added icon to open actually edited file in new tab
 - configurable autosaving
 - configurable auto-opening last opened files when you come back
 - added references to jQuery, jQuery UI and Twitter Bootstrap
 - updated database editor
 - icon to open selected file (on tablets is double click reserved, so now you 
   can easily open and edit your files on mobile devices & tablets
 - repaired syntax highlight for .less files
 - and some optimalizations

Special thanks to authors of:
  • jQuery & jQuery UI
  • CodeMirror & CodeMirror UI
  • jQueryFileTree
  • Adminer
  • FAMFAMFAM (icons)
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • SafeStream