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Hello, do you have a Live Preview / Online Demo ?

I sent the new package updated to CodeCanyon, is now under review.

is the demo limited as i have uploaded both a jpg and png and it says there is an error with the filetype….


I sent the new package updated to CodeCanyon, is now under review.

The script has been updated.

The preview looks nice, though in my test with a png image, it didn’t keep transparency, but changed it black…will this be updated to keep transparency? Thank you!

Hello, you soon will be done this update and many more. Thanks

I sent the new package updated to CodeCanyon, is now under review.

why does the site look completely different from the pictures?

I sent the new package to CodeCanyon, just approve the package as a whole will be in the live preview. Stay tuned!

The script has been updated.

when work well and create the favicon also correctly, let me know to buy your product. Thank you.

create a favicon with your script and looks incorrect. Create the same favicon with online web and creates good. I think there is a problem with your script.

If you want, send me an email and I send screenshots.

I purchased. Thank you. If I need help I notice. Greetings.

Always available, thanks to the purchase. Best regards

hi, I like it! but it would be interesting to add 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64

What you plan for upcoming updates?

Thank you

Hello, thank you. I hope to release this soon.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hello, thank you.

hi, Please, where to change maximum upload size? I need 4Mb upload limit.

Hello, you can edit the file “params.php” at line 9 and 10.


Can you help? I purchased your script and installed on my server in a sub-folder like “domain.com/tools/favicon-generator”. The first issue I’m having is the missing CSS files, I do see the CSS files on the server but the index page doesn’t load them so the page has no formating but all plain text and buttons, I believe the path to CSS files are wrong in the index file. The second issue is when I upload a png file to generate a favicon I am redirected to the root of domain after clicking on Create Favicon button. Please tell me what files, lines and codes I should modify in order to correct these issues. Thanks.

Also your online demo is not working either, the button “Create Favicon” is inactive!

Great, I’m downloading the new update. I got your email and I’ll communicate via email if I run to any issues. Thanks.

Do not forget to rate the script :)

5 star for great script and fast support. Perfetto, buona fortuna con le vendite. Ciao.

Hello,   I can let the public link for anyone to use?

  Thank U.

Hello, could you explain better? I speak very little English and I did not understand your question. Thank You

I also spoke little English :-D.

  If I install in joomlaplus.com.br/favoicon, I need to add password to use my be unique, or I can let free for any visitor to use the script?

I hope I’ve got it right. You can leave free and then be able to make use of the site to your users. It is not necessary to add a password.

I wish the .ico would also generate a preview, like from this script: http://www.icoconverter.com/

hi marcolino92! Thanks for the great script!. I have one doubt the first choice to create favicon quickly as I can download it?

Hi when I upload the script to the domain default folder the script works, but the menu button for small mobile screens does nothing when you press on it.

Hello, Is there any chance to improve the script to create HTML code like on this site http://onlinefavicon.com/ico_1416231749-9188_wordpress.html

Any chance you can add support for ICNS like this site does: Convert PNG to ICO and ICNS icons online: iConvert Icons :grin: ICNS is needed for Mac users, it would be awesome!

Any advice on how i include this in a wordpress webpage

Hello. Is this really working under subfolder (subdirectory)? I only get a blank page!

Disregard my previous question! Solved (issues on my server). Working as it should.