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I would like to hide content from a .tpl file. How can i do this pls?


I dot know how to solve that .

Based on my example above, maybe you should change it to:

{php} if ($sharelock->validate()){ {/php}

echo "This is a locked content.";

Nah its okay I dont use it in my Project, but this script is not bad to own for the future.


I’m not sure since I don’t have the script. You should ask the same question to the author.

But I think it may work with abit effort.


I a having separate three files for one page that is header main footer

where body tag is started on one page ended on another page and head tag started on one page and ended on another page so how do i add your code ?


Sorry for the late reply. Put the <?php include “fats_core.php”; ?> on the top line of your header file. Locate your HTML tag <HEAD> in your php file and put this code <?php write_JS($fats_config ); ?>.

In the main page, you could apply this code: <?php if (is_Unlocked($fats_config)){ Your hidden content here ... More of your hidden content } ?>

Help Me !!! I need add to HTML , didn’t PHP.. Please help me !!

You Can see !!! I was change Folder , and any folder related to ads such as : 300×600,....\

My Folder now : http://ducpro.net/ww1/zxcc.php and Iframe to : http://ducpro.net/ww1/make-money/goo.html

Hi u, i can see messeage Notifi, but this is not see ads when ad-block is enable ?? Just only see One Meseage and content hidden


Your page at http://ducpro.net/ww1/zxcc.php# is working fine. The alertbox is shown if I enable adblock and the ads in iframe is shown if I disable adblock.

If you want to put a message/image inside a div, set the ‘message-method’ to inline and type your message including the html tag into the ‘greet’ in the config file .

Hi, from the day I bought this, I have never tested since I’ve been very busy with productions. Now I just tested it, it doesn’t work.. Can you check why it isn’t working


I have replied your email.

Thank you

Hello, Does this script communicate with the user-end computer to find out, if the user is using ad-blocker? I’m asking this because the EU Court is saying that, that is illegal and not allowed, so i need a way around that.


Sorry for the late reply.

This script is not installing third-party software or communicate in any way with the user system. I’m using a decoy banner that hidden in the page and check it if it’s loaded properly. If yes, then the user are not using a ad-blocker.

Thank you

as implemented in wordpress?

I have a question can i use this along with php ?

i mean to say , track if user has adblock installed , if yes , run some php function

if not , then dont run php function

is this possible ?

Thank you for your reply last question please,

what is the size of js file ?

can i include js file before closing tag ( because i cant compromise with page speed ) will it still work perfectly fine ??



The size is 6KB and yes, you can put the js on the bottom. FYI, the the js is wrapped inside a php function. So you only have to call the php function to insert the js.

Purchased :) I will message you if need any help Thanks for great product :)

hi, i tested this script on my localhost but its not working and i have no idea why. i used your documentation and did same as you mentioned.

i have a question . See, what i want to acheive is , if a user come on my site and he has no adblock in his browser then i will update my database table

if he has adblock enabled then i wont update my database table .

there are a lot of options in config file , do i need to delete some settings from config file in order to achieve what i want ?


Please email me the config file and your sample site file so I can test it.

Thank you

Hi, I’m stuck at Step No. 3 – Locate your HTML tag <HEAD> in your php file and put this code” I’m not sure where to add this. Do I add this to my index.php? Cos I don’t see HTML tag on it.


sorry for the late reply.

your site must be using a template system. Please locate each of your template files for your header and put the code there.

please contact me via email if you have anymore questions.

Thank you

can i hide things in html too? Cause i only have a html landing page and want to hide content.


Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can as long as it’s using a PHP extension so the PHP code part will be executed.

Thank you

Hi , when will u add cachign support ? its been like more than a year now :(


Unfortunately It still unable to support caching since the random ID is generated both in HTML and JS, which is cached by default.

I am facing some issues. 1.) When I turn off Adblock, it still keep saying that I am using adblock. I cleared my browser cache and after some refresh, it says that I am using Adblock despite the fact that it that Adblock is off. 2.) When I turn off javascript, the page works which means a visitor can turn off javascript and still access the page. 3.) Even during loading, the hidden content still show at the background during the popup.

How may I sort things out


Please email me the config file and your site/page link with the script enabled.

Thank you

hm. For me it opens a popup instead of a warning inside the page.
EDIT: Got it working ;)

Got same problem now. Message keeps there if adblock is disabled


I have replied to your email.

Thank you

Hello, just messaged you, this software gives me an error for Safari based on cookies not being enabled (they are for all sites) and works fine for Firefox on the same computer, anything you can do to help please

I can sync two different databases?

Hey dev, i purchased your item long time agon but never got the chance to use it.

Now i just installed first time without any issues but i noticed the website refreshes 2-3 times when is loaded and this can be a problem with AdSense or members loading the website.

I also noticed your DEMO page does the same, can you please help stop the page refreshing ?

If a page refreshes 2 times everytime a member navigates the website this can get pretty anoying and lowerperformance too.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!


The auto refresh function has a purpose to show your hidden content if the visitor is not using an adblock. Since the script doesn’t support ajax yet, I’m afraid auto refresh will have to stay.

Currently ajax support (loading content without refresh) is only available in the wordpress plugin.


FYI, auto refreshing a page is not breaking any adsense TOS.

Thanks for the headsup and would love to see ajax loading on this item soon. I noticed without ajax the loading time increases considerably and i multiple scripts are loaded sometimes it creates a continous loop and the page never sinishes loading.

You script works perfectly but do you think you can add it soon? Will gladly resubscribe


The Ajax method will load the hidden content AFTER all of the original content loaded and checked that visitor doesn’t have any adblock. It takes time until your hidden content appears. So obviously it will make the page a little slower to load than the original.

Since this is a php class script, I’m trying to make integration to an existing page with many different frameworks as easy as possible. While adding ajax calls in the script will oppose to that. Therefore I may not add the ajax calls anytime soon.


Hello I have installed this prefectly well but I had this error Fatal error: Can not redeclare get_URL () (previously declared in /home/das/public_html/fats_core.php online 23


You might have insert the code twice. Please check your header file. <?php include “fats_core.php”; ?> should only be called once.

Another way, you can also change the declaration from:

<?php include “fats_core.php”; ?>


<?php include_once “fats_core.php”; ?>


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the pop up stays posted with or adblock sen

le pop up reste affiché avec ou sen adblock

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