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Hi, ¿What if i want to hide all the content until user deactivate adblock on my web?


There’s a Global Lock option that will wrap your content inside the FATS shortcode and making it locked, so that you don’t have to individually add the FATS shortcode in all of your posts/pages.


Sorry for the late reply. I see no significant differences with the blocking mechanism. Please elaborate more on the features so I can improve my plugin.

Thank you

as you can see, you let user visit your post/article, but no way to read it, a message apear or image to show more info to disable adblock. You can enable adblock and visit the link so you can see what i am talking about.


It’s the same as my script.. You can set to block your content as a whole or partialy if a visitor using adblock.

This plugin looks promising, well done. However, are you planning to develop it a bit further to improve the design of the pop up window?

For instance, wired.com uses a really sleek Adblock detection pop up window (with a “thank you” message that pops up a few seconds after you’ve deactivated you adblocker). Try and open this article for instance, with your adblocker activated: http://www.wired.com/2015/01/well-didnt-work-segway-technological-marvel-bad-doesnt-make-sense/

It’s simply perfect. The kind of Adblock detection extension I would pay $20 for.

Wired.com is actually using a full page overlay, not a tiny pop up.


Great suggestions. I will definitely add this features in the next update.

Thank you


First: nice plugin, it’s almost working perfect! Question: how do I activate Global Show on the index.php and archive pages? It doesn’t work at the moment. Thanks!


Sorry for the late reply.

You can’t add the global show for the index and archive pages, since the code will automatically injected to all of your post, thus it may break the function since there may be more than one posts in one page.

masih belum bisa nembus Adblock ya kang, walau visitor pake adblock?

Oke, gan. Ane mungkin coba cari mekanisme lain.


BTW mau info, kalo situs demo-nya tewas.

Kalo mau repair demo page mungkin bisa dipertimbangkan untuk dipakein cloudflare, ane mau liat apa bener2 gak bisa pake cloudflare. Soalnya tertulis:

FATS “may” not work together with cache system (plugin, CDN, cloudflare, etc).

Lain cerita kalo ane bisa jajal sebelum beli. :Kayak beli jeruk di pasar: :D

Ok, gan.

Tengkyu infonya

Doesn’‘t work at all. 12 dollars down the drain.


please contact me via email with your site’s detail. It would be easier for me to give you better support.

Thank you

Walau gak beli (kali aja kedepannya bisa dipasang di cloudflare), bisa gak ya, nih plugin. Kalo diakses pake UC Browser, seluruh gambar yang ada di blog itu jadi gak tampil. Sebagai gantinya, yang tampil gambar lain bertuliskan:

“UC Browser / AdBlocker memblokir gambar di situs ini. Silahkan gunakan browser lain untuk mendapatkan antarmuka terbaik”

Tapi teks nya masih tampil. Jadi visitor masih tetap bisa baca postingan tapi gambar yang hilang bikin penasaran. Kalo gini kan mengurangi bounce rate, tapi juga maksa pengunjung untuk buka di situs lain.

Bisa aja, gan.. Shortcode nya bisa dipake dibeberapa tempat di dalam post/page. Jadi tinggal ditaro aja image-nya diantara shortcodenya.

The inline notice does not go away even after disabling adblocker. Help.


I have replied your email.

Thank you

Any new updates?


Sorry, not at this moment. I’m still working on another project.



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i disabled this plugin, Still Some ads are not showing on WordPress posts, Even-though adblock disabled.how to remove this plugin perfectly from site ? how to solve this problem ? please Help me.


If some ads are showing and not the other, the problem may comes from other things (eg: adblock still runing, there are no ads to show form the ads site, missconfig on ads code, etc).

Remember, this plugin is only forcing visitor to disable their adblock by hiding your content. It cannot enable or disable ads.

Thank you


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If anyone ever asks, you have to UNcheck “Ajax Content” for FATS to work with the MusicPlay WP Theme. Thought I’d let you know, so you have a fast answer for your other customers who use the MusicPlay theme. Great plugin btw! Really awesome!