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The game doesn’t load. Which Platform did you use to make this game.

Refresh your browser.

It is stuck at about 95% of loading. I tried refreshing with Firefox and Chrome, but it still doesn’t work. I hope you’ll solve the problem, because the game looks very nice! :)

Android version?

If so, i would buy inmediatly.

Are packaged, coming shortly:)

Ok, contact me when it’s done.

android version has been added.

when arrived android version? Thx

Android version is being developed.

android version has been added.

Bought this game and it loads only 95% on my server, its the same as your uploaded demo…

Sorry, updated

Thank you, now its working ;)

it can be packaged with phonegap ?

android version is used phonegap.

Android version not working.

It loads but i can’t click any buttom or start playing.

Also music isn’t working.

Hello? App not working and not response…


Android I test can work.

Hi, What line is executed when the game is “game over” (To my own Highscore system).. Cannot figure out c2runtime.js. Please help!

I don’t understand your meaning,please make yourself clear.

Contact me on jebser.m@gmail.com it’s much easier, please.

Sound of android app doesn’t work. Any idea why?

Your android version< 4 ? I tested the mobile phone Sony LT26ii and GALAXY SIII S3 and Lenovo a390t can play a sound.

can you share the apk file of android version. I want to test before purchase.

Which engine/framework you used to make this game?


Does this include the construct2 source file so I can edit it in construct?

Hi, can i modify all the graphics? And sound?