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hi, does it work fine with httpS ??

I need for seeing an example about any increasing traffic case

PM me please

Hi , I do not speak English well . Instructions for using the program can not find the file on your page. I want to log in to their accounts and I ‘m instagram . I could not because I chose the wrong option . Can you help me ?

Hi, you cannot log in to instagram because this application can’t fill the username/password fields. Please write to me using the contact form on my profile page. We can build a solution for you.

I have an issue with trying to get a link to work

Send url and link to test please

i’ve sent you an email with detailed instructions, with this configuration is working for me. If you can’t hear the audio, please install flash player plugin.

where I can purchase the source code?

Check your email inbox

Hello, I would also like to generate traffic to my website. But do i use this tool to generate traffic to my website.

I will be happy to know how it works

Thank you Ronnie

this will generate clicks and actions in your website, if you want to increase visits the best way is to create a blog, all the traffic will be 100% organic.

can any one tell me how it’s workk & its method how to run & purchase?

Application has detailed instructions at runtime. To purchase this item hit the “Buy Now” button and pay via paypal or envato credit.

Will you add the ability to click colors + add a color picker? Would also like to see a ‘export settings’ and ‘import settings’


Color picker and color autoclick can be implemented easy. Import and export settings will took me a little more time. Expect it in future updates. Thanks for the feedback

hello.. do you have tutorial how this software work? :) thanks before

How can i help you?

hello.. how to use this software? :) thanks

please PM me to help you, i have to record a video tutorial for this

Still interested in this , are you still going to implement the color picker/clicker? I see this hasn’t been updated since release :/

Not enough time, sorry. Will update it some day…

Gentlemen as possible to ask me to stop post if they see me are asking to put here my url, but target here, hello, at least send an email where they can send that information if you do the post, what kind of service is this

i will not post any email here to be spammed as hell, use my profile page to send me a private message as all customers do…

Still waiting

Hi, This program is not working for me … he 50 tries he can click a maximum of 6, most often the page does not open.

I use proxies, but still is not working. or with vpn

Hi, working for me and other users, use http proxies, check them with a proxy checker, maybe they’re down or saturated.

I found the problem was using cloudflare and he blocked. Now I changed my dns server is working. And your tip to use web proxies improved performance. thank you

Nice to hear that. Thanks for purchasing! :)

Hello, See there is one blog. I set url of my blog for auto clicks. So after that using your software my site will open then it will auto click to any website ? like it there is ads one that page java srcipt ads will it click on it ?

Can i see demo please..

Where i get ip ?

proxy ip’s?, you can try with google or get a paid service as Hide my ass.

Hello, I have downloaded your file but not able to install it. Nothing happen when i clicked on “FatCatAutoClick.exe”

No skype sorry.

Done everything but result is some….

Application is working for me and other customers, you can’t ask for a refund when is your fault, check your system.

Hi, I couldnt quite understand what this software do. Do you have a video demo, or something? thnks

This tool looks for an HTML item in a website, like a button, advertising, etc and perform automatic clicks. You can use it for process automation, custom trafic generation, adsense advertising clicks, etc… it also has suport for http proxys and full user-agent emulation. Thanks for asking.

Good Day, Does this work with a Wordpress Site?

Works with any website, thanks for asking! :D

Ok so if I’m right and I want to show more traffic on my site and for it to show in google analytics and adwords then this is the right software? If it works Ill like to buy the code. And Do you have something to show traffic on social, like facebook etc

Thanks so much for the fast reply will buy now

Hi, does your product work right now? and can I simulate a click on the desired part on the site where I want?

yes sure, select it by ID, CLASS, NAME…


i want to buy this software. I am buying purposely because of adsense
I have VPN and I hope it can work with it
I don’t want more than 10 click per day
I hope this will work fine

Sure, thanks for buying!

does this have a referrals list? also without inner pages your bounce rate will go up.

no sorry currntly does not support referal list

ok then it is not complete thank you.


zwgr Purchased

Hi there, I have bought your software and I have used yesterday but I did not get any clicks at all. I have set conditions and everything else but it just did not work. You have had 23 sales me included and I have not read a single comment saying that your product does not work, therefore, I must assume that I have done something wrong. So I would like to ask you to send me a detailed info on how to use your program, I have searched also for documentation and I found none.

Send me an email at f.paez(at)hotmail(dot)es with details like url and item to be clicked. Thanks for buying.