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hey is this endless game or does it have levels if so how many levels ?

Hi there,
There is level based game ( 80 Level ), and Endless Mode ( 80 Levels )

It is an easy to add more levels ??

Hi there,
Game is made in BuildBox2, and with Extended License we giving .bbdoc file where you can add more level easily.

Otherwise you will need to have knowledge in Cocos2d-X to make new levels, or hire developer to assist you.

eclipse or android studio

Hi there, for now only in Eclipse Engine. We still working to make it in Android Studio.

can I import this to android studio?

Hi there, for now only in Eclipse Engine. We still working to make it in Android Studio.

hy,, iam newbie.. already buy this source code,, can you give me links turtorials to import this code ?? thanks

Hi there,
You already have documentation in downloaded folder, where you can find how to Project into Eclipse.

If you need more assistance please contact us thru our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

Ok thanks :)

You welcome.

i see error in line number 61 in file PTPlayer.java and i can’t extraction apk ? can please send to you admob code and icon apk and extraction my apk and thank you

Hi there,
Cold you provide us with some screenshots of error?
Could you provide us with changes that you have done in code which cause this error to appear?

But for other part of your message we did not understand what you wanted to ask us.

Please contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.
Thank you.

can i reskin with eclipse juno?? because eclipse neon did not have adk plugin again.. i hope it works for android studio too

Hi there m
We also using Eclipse Juno for our games.
Here is link to video importing Eclipse Project into Android Studio https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZtVmSZPj3OwkK15QQcxyUtjG48YFd9yUfk.

Please make all change in Eclipse first and then import Project into Android Studio.

so this fat boy game made it from buildbox but it can edited or reskin by eclipse or android studio?? is it right??

Game is made with BuildBox and can be reskin in Eclipse. But not edited as you will need to now Cocos2D-X.

google play link broken ! pls give me demo apk


tony4u Purchased

exit game is not working

In game are Back Buttons, to bring you back mostly to Menu from where you come thew. There is no Exit Button in game.
Today we are on Holiday as it is Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you.