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HelpI get this Error:

help I get this error: () [function.file-get-contents]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /home/selfiecapsco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/fastway-shipping-pro-woocommecer 2.1.x/class.fastway.php on line 28 Warning: file_get_contents(http://api.fastway.org/latest/psc/listrfs?CountryCode=6&api_key=321594326aa12941cd645d0b1d5eaa0e) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/selfiecapsco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/fastway-shipping-pro-woocommecer 2.1.x/class.fastway.php on line 28 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/selfiecapsco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/fastway-shipping-pro-woocommecer 2.1.x/class.fastway.php on line 44 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/selfiecapsco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/fastway-shipping-pro-woocommecer 2.1.x/class.fastway.php on line 52

Hello.Pls contact us via email. We will check and fix this. Thanks.

Hi, can i please have a refund for this item. It does not work as advertised and have received no response via email support.

This plugin provide simple way to connect to Fastway API. It work with many client.Please send us your info we will check and make it work. Thanks

fastway-shipping-pro-woocommecer 2.0.x/class.fastway.php on line 26 getting this error, please fix the module.

Can you please contact us via email. We will check it for you.

Although I did run into a few bugs setting up the plugin, the developer was on hand to fix them in a timely manner.

Hi there, I tried to use the demo, but it keeps showing shipping is free – do you have a working demo thanks? Also, does this allow for me to be able to use a different carrier for parcels over a certain size? i.e. can i assign a shipping class to my goods that exceed Fastway limits and therefore apply a different freight calculation method to those (i.e. does your plugin take full control over the freight calcs or is it only applied by shipping class? Thanks

New version is updated, you can check demo with many feature added :)

Hi there.I would also like a refund for this item (as well as refund on time spent by service providers in debugging this plugin)

Hello, I sent in a support request but have had no reply yet. I have a major problem on a live site. The shipping cost is defaulting to 100% of the cart cost because the weight is over 30kg. If this cannot be fixed, I cant use the product and need a refund.

I meant 30kg limit, sorry.

Hi how is it going?

Please reply to my emails, Its been 21 days since I contacted you to fix this plug in.

Hi, I have an online store in South Africa. I have installed Fastway Shipping Pro, but it keeps giving me this error: Invalid suburb or postcode .Default shipping price 20% of Cart Subtotal: R59.80

Where can i fix this, can i give you temporary access to the website?

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Thanks :)

Hi, Any feedback with regards to this? I sent through a personal support message as well :) my clients website is live, and im trying to get this up and running as quickly as possible. Thanks :)

Hi, I think the script is due for an update. The shipping costs are not updating for suburbs that contain two or more words. Any chance of this happening soon? Thanks

Hi there, Is this updated and working properly for South Africa?

yes it support South Africa

Ok great. Just a few more questions;

1. On your demo i could only select South Africa and a province, not a city. How does this work? 2. We only ship within South Africa so we do not wNt to display a list of countries to customers. Can this work? 3. Faatway works with different ateas, grey, red , orange, is this all integrated into the plugin?


Is this plugin included the feature for the Fastway different colour label for the postcode in Australia please?

here is backend setting screenshot http://prntscr.com/bxzdos

Is your plugin included the feature for the Fastway different colour label for the postcode in Australia please?

You only can get price of one Color label

New versions of WooCommerce is using the new “Zone” way to setup shipping. Will you support that soon? https://woocommerce.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/shipping-zones-to-ship-with-2-6/

Yes of course. It working. Shipping zone detect country and show list Shipping method by country. It do not effect to plugin


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I face very strange issue.. i hope you can help me with it..The thing is, when i enter address into shipping details and enter Suburb which is from one word, for example Waterloo, Artarmon, Paddington and etc it works perfectly..platform calculates price using FastWay API, but when i enter address and suburb which is contains two words, for example, West Homebush, Surry Hills and etc API stops working..i’m not sure or this is API issue, but its very very weird…So if u have experience with this kind of problem, please guide me how to solve it..

Hi, Can you sent to me info your site to email support ? I need info to check and fix for you

Where can I download the latest update?

In your dashboard, Tab download. You can download latest item Purchased

Thanks, I have an issue and it seems that the update did not resolve it. I’m currently, receiving a shipping price of $4.64 which is definitely incorrect for delivery of an 8.5kg product. This price is showing for shipping on multiple products.

Does this work for Fastway in Australia? I tried looking at the demo but received a 403 error. Thanks

Hi, Yes My server is maintain. Pls try to test later, fastway is work for Australia

Hi i am using this for south africa but pricing is incorrect. is there a different API code i should be using? thanks

how do i get Fastway API URL call ?

my pricing is not correct for south africa

please help urgently


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Really impressed with this plugin and the support Donald and his team at OSpayments provide. Actually their support has been awesome !! I’ve read a few negative comments here in the comments and one thing I would stress is given the nature and code associated to a API shipping plugin there is probably going to be a couple of custom tweaks that are required. Rather than slam something you don’t understand why not rather email Donald and tell him there is an issue. I’ve purchased many many plugins from codecanyon and in some cases the support for them has been lousy. In other cases support has been great. Fastway pro falls well into the latter category – I highly recommend this plugin but expect that it may need a couple of tweaks to get it absolutely running to spec. Thanks Donald for all your help. Great to meet an author who offers fantastic support.

Does this plugin allow us to add a shipping calculator on the cart page?

Dear, Kindly give us more details about the following: 1. Localization possibility (Arabic, Urdu and French). 2. Upgrade possibility (Can we edit in the script ourselves or it’s not allowed?).