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Hi, how do you set a free shipping class with this plugin? Am not seeing the option to specify a shipping class to be excluded. Thanks.

Hi guys, do you have a live test link – no site up at the moment? Need to decide whether to use your plugin or another one.

Hi there just getting this error message in the dashboard

Notice: Undefined index: result in /home/aussiewo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/FastWay-Shipping-Pro/class.fastway.php on line 52

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/aussiewo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/FastWay-Shipping-Pro/class.fastway.php on line 52

Any idea why this is occurring and how it can be overcome it?

Asked host and the function is not open/enabled on shared hosting for security reasons. Is there another solution?

Just in case anyone else has a similar issue on shared hosting you can check if allow_url_fopen is on but disabled via a phpinfo.php. If you find its on but disabled you can log into your cpanel > php selector > change from 5.4 native > select plain 5.4… Then presto you should have it all enabled and the plugin will stop spitting this particular error. Hope that helped someone.

Once i got past the hiccups I can confirm the plugin is good :) I can’t comment on support as i took so long to actually use the plugin I had to rely on the author replying to my comment, Ps thanks for that ospayment

Thank you communiquemedia

Can this be used to generate shipping labels with an Irish account?

You can choose area you want. in backend

But as RonyPonyBoi was asking – can it generate shipping labels as currently if we use Fastway we have to manually transfer the Woocommerce order details to the Fastway porthole to generate the shipping labels. Thanks

Hi whenever I save the settings, the suburb fails to save and shows up as “Select a Franchises”. Is this a common issue? As a result the plugin no longer works since all addresses show the default rate.