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Congratulations for excellent work and sales! :)

Thank you :)

How this works?

How can we use this for our applications?

Hi, it’s a normal script, just load the package files, import the database and you’ll have your site ready as in the demo. Installation and support is free.

Thank you for the fast response.

I understand how to install your script.

But, need to know how the configured link could be added to another application.

Plese give me step by step guidance in a simple way, so I could try before buying.

Best Regards,

You can contact me by email, thank you.

HI, I cannot generate anything from the demo. All I receive is a message “The Image field is required.” which is unusual since there is no image field. I have treid on FF 56 and FF57. There are no extensions such as ad blockers installed either. Thanks

Hi, in what sense does an image field exist? There is a validation, if nothing is entered in the required fields, obviously generates a warning message.

I installed your script and there is no area to drag and drop. Just like in your demo there is NO area to drag and drop images. Please help!!

Hi, I think you’ve forgotten to load all the files or you have not configured the script correctly. However, from the site you sent me to email everything works, so I guess you were wrong and you solved it alone. Thank you for your purchase!

Hello :)

I have the same problem as mentioned above; In the latest FireFox version it doesn’t work properly and Ill get the image error as well. Instead of a “drop image here” section you see this:

Any idea when this can be fixed? Really interested in this script :)

Hi, thank you for your feedback. I’ve just solved and tested with the new version of Firefox. Thank you

I tested your script with the latest version of firefox for MAC and the drag and drop box is not displaying.

The script was updated, I also sent the files by email.

Will you be updating your script with new and updated features?

Please do not include many consecutive comments. Yes, there will be new updates.

I am getting this error, how do I resolve it? “Database-connection failed, please use the correct data for your database.”

You have to import the database and enter the correct data for connecting to the database.

Is this for muti-users or only for the owner?

Hello, you can use anyone who enters the site where you install it. It would therefore be a tool to offer users.

Hello, i’m install your script. Now working but this problem always i’m see: and i’m install script subfolder. So

A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Core Warning

Message: Module ‘suhosin’ already loaded

Filename: Unknown

Line Number: 0


Hello, contact me by email. However I think it depends on your hosting, try to contact them explaining the error.

hi, ok i’m talking my server owner. after i send mail thank you

Greetings, I’m having problems with the download, I open the page but the download does not proceed. The link that opens is example: my route /upload/download/50622f474a5ce18c8083bf0cfd4d8cd2.ico I also can not access the admin area. Any idea? Thank you!

Hi, did you upload the .htaccess file?

I see one htaccess on favicon/system. If so, do I have to modify something?

Ok, yes, thanks you were right. It was that. Thanks for the quick help.

Что писать про DNS

Full DSN string describes a connection to a database where it to take?

все забудь , решилось само как то

It’s been over 15 days since I reported that the sql file was not correct, had errors and the script was not working. It took you several days to just ask what the site was hosting. It’s been over 10 days now that you do not reply to emails! Simply say what’s wrong? What is the problem with this script? Can you do something? Where is Envato to solve this problem.You are the teacher with whom I get such a problem of support in 8 years! LAST ATTEMPT BEFORE TAKING CONTACT WITH SELLER CODECANYON / ENVATO.

Impossible d’importer le dump de admin_favgen :
  • ERROR 1231 (42000) at line 183: Variable ‘character_set_client’ can’t be set to the value of ‘NULL’
  • Traceback (most recent call last):
  • File ”/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/dbbackup”, line 6, in <module>
  • File ”/usr/local/psa/lib/modules/python/dbbackup/”, line 99, in main
  • restore(options, password)
  • File ”/usr/local/psa/lib/modules/python/dbbackup/”, line 88, in restore
  • raise Exception(“program ‘mysql’ finished with non-zero exit code: %d” % p.returncode)
  • Exception: program ‘mysql’ finished with non-zero exit code: 1

Send me an email, I try again to provide the sql file.

message send

hello developer tried demo . looks good. before buying have a query.

demo is creating 16×16 px ico. can we create 32×32 px favicon as well ? we need both 16×16 and 32×32 favicon can it possible by your script ??

hello developer
tried demo . looks good.
before buying have a query.
demo is creating 16×16 px ico.
can we create 32×32 px favicon as well ?
we need both 16×16 and 32×32 favicon
can it possible by your script ??

Thanks to the developers. Good script. Not enough menu to extend the functionality of the script .

Hello :)

Where do I edit the site name et cetera?

Hello, to translate most of the texts, you have to open and edit the file in application/language/english/general_lang.php


Vito227 Purchased

Do you have a specific date of when your next major update will be released?


Vito227 Purchased



Vito227 Purchased

How are the updates coming long for this script?

can i buy this , preview is not working

demo not working