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Is your plugin GDPR compliant or are you planning on it?

The latest release 1.14.0 is GDPR compliment


Couple of pre sale questions:

1) Does this support creation of tickets using emails? And not just replies to already created tickets. If yes, I am planning to create a basic form with contact form 7 with an optional attachment field. Can your plugin then use email piping to create a ticket out of the contact form 7 submission?

2) I’m using MemberMouse on my site. Can it happen so that if they’re already logged into their account they don’t need to register separately. It can open the support form and they type in their request?

Yes you could run FAST on support.domain.com and set the email piping to mail to check a mail like support@domain.com. Then all you need to do is have a CF7 form on domain.com that sends an email to support@domain.com. FAST will pick it up and change it to a ticket.

That’s good.

However for the 2nd question on my original question. We need to have the plugin on the same domain as the users db. Correct?

Yes that would be the best solution, i think you can share users on multisite, but not sure how easy it is.


We are not able to update the plugin, this is the error we are getting:

“An error occurred while updating Fast Plugin: Update package not available.”

Any thoughts on this?



I don’t have a valid support but i don’t need one, this is a general question about updating to last version of your plugin giving a general error, and the question was if you know of this issue.

I don’t appreciate this standard answer.

We don’t know of any issues updating the plugin, we haven’t had any tickets from other customers. Perhaps just make a manual update?

Ok, we will debug this.

Thank you for this answer!

Kind regards!


Did you add likes customers?

Thank you

We have added this, will be in a future release

Hello. This plugin looks amazing! Please consider adding a product inquiry list similar to the shopping cart so customers can open a support ticket with it to ask for example if certain hardware items are a good match to build a pc. Can you integrate it with quotations made with the following extension (the same way as with orders)? https://wordpress.org/plugins/yith-woocommerce-request-a-quote/ Thanks a lot!!!

We are getting a lot of requests for features to add to FAST so to coordinate them better please upvote or make a feature request here


somoget Purchased

is that possible that user send tickets without buying any products ?

Yes, there is an option for General Enquiries as well as WooCommerce order tickets

Pre sale question do the system have a Satisfaction Survey??

No the plugin does not make surveys at the moment

We are getting a lot of requests for features to add to FAST so to coordinate them better please upvote or make a feature request here

Hello oxygenna author, Now I am back with 2 more questions before migrating the support to FAST. 1. Do you have any plan for knowledgebase Article feature which can be live searched? And if yes what is the ETA? 2. Do you have any plan for generating tickets through social media channels eg Facebook and Twitte featurer? And if yes what is the ETA?


We have started work on an knowledgebase it will hopefully be in the next feature release.

Ok Thanks !

Just purchased, opened a ticket on the support system for the purchase, and can’t see the text of the ticket or replies.

Appears to be an incompatibility with the After the Deadline Chrome extension. Disabling that and it works like a charm.

Looks like this chrome extension is unsupported (last update was August 21, 2014). If you read the reviews it breaks lots of things.

Yep. All good now. Thanks!

I have 3 pre-question. 1) Can user post ticket without registration/login? 2) Can admin add custom field in support ticket? 3) Can add due date / time in ticket form?

1) No users need to have an account

2) Yes

3) Not sure what you mean, the customer sets a due date? or the agent?

Thanks for reply, About Q3, Can I insert “Due date/time” in support form? So user can select date and time as per their due date.

There isn’t a datepicker for the form builder at the moment but it’s something we could add. This would allow the customer to select a date when creating a ticket

I purchased and now waiting for an Inbuilt Public Knowledge Base

also created tickets :)


siparker Purchased

Do you have an example email config to pickup email from an office 365 shared mailbox using imap? I have tried various configurations but it says it cannot connect

Office 365 has some problems, we just solved them with another customer.

Please open a ticket in our support forum


Hi, what was added or changed in the new update?

Hi, I purchased Fast plugin to make ticket system for our envato items, I installed the plugin in our website, but reply ticket via email is not working. Can you help me check it? Regards, SoapTheme

Please open a ticket in our support forum we don’t handle support via the item comments.



this blugin is working with default wordpress users?

i have users registred to my wordpress website and closed registration, and now i need to purchasing this blugin And use it for support to my wordpress users without register again to use this support.

Thank you,


Yes, FAST uses WordPress users and there is also a utility in the advanced options that allows you to give access to current users.



I have another questions.

1- agent can open a ticket to any user?

2- RTL Is ready or i need css customisation?

Thank you,

1 – Working on that now 2 – Plugin is RTL compatible


dhruvshah Purchased

In analytics “Open & Closed Complaint” shows 37 open and 9 close tickets where as we only have 1 ticket for “all time” in database there are only 15 records for “posts” table.

Please open a ticket in our support forum


Hi oxygenna.

I want to buy this plugin, but only if you make sure that the .php, .js files are 100% compatible with the .pot file for translation, I already bought other Helpdesk in Envato Market and always the same problem of yours to leave desynchronized the strings (words) for translation. I do not want to have problems or waste time with translation crazy, i want to install the plugin, configure and translate without loss of time. It’s possible? Is your .php, .js file synchronized with your .pot file, perfect?

I have seen that there are several complaints of translation difficulties? Have you solved questions already?

- https://codecanyon.net/item/fast-wordpress-support-ticket-plugin/19878754/comments?utf8=%E2%9C%93&term=translate&from_buyers_and_authors_only=0

Be truthful and let me know not to buy if it’s complicated to translate. I am a qualified professional, I do not have time for crazy things.

Thank you for your attention.

I like your plugin, but translate 100%, no problem?

The .pot file is kept up to date automatically before release.

Let’s to try. If it’s perfect to translate, I’ll come back here to testify.