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documentation link is dead? i wanna see the documentation first..

Hi, documentation is offline for buyers. Let me know if you need any help.

is all the bugs have solved in this game??

Yes, the game has been updated.

Can we change the color button to some image or something

And what about the splashscreen how will change that

Hello, I need to help! You can send me driving?


Documentation help

How can I remove ads button?


Metsun Purchased

Hi, i have a problem, i published the game but it doesn’t open in the devices which contains the new version of “google play games app”. How can I solve this problem?

I’ve bought the product but tutorial link is not working…

Why world.setPauseMode is always commented and function not implemented?

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Author please reply to this message if you are still building/supporting this app, you have not responed to other people and im interested in this game

Documentation help

Incredibly bad support. Have asked developer how to turn off IAP and why certain letters are not visible. After three days of not getting a reply I write to him I will ask for refund. The only reply I get from him is that because “the game works support is not mandatory”. So if you will buy this app do not expect him to help you. Regarding the invisible letters he just replied that turkish characters are not supported. Then I asked him how to change the font since in the description it is written that it can be changed. This was Jan 15th. I haven’t gotten a reply from him since. Do not be stupid as me and do not buy.

hi there. do you offer suport online? if i get a pack of two or tree apps, can u make each one for around 10usd?


When I download the app from Play Store, the Play services do not work. Can this be easily fixed if I buy the app?