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nice work – smart thinking too! a much quicker way to manage openacart products core should really have worked like this. thanks

Hello, I tried the demo, is it possible to add the quantity of options rather than just edit them?

Second, the price is a little weird, I am not able to edit them at all.

Third, can you add meta-tag keyword and description, or else after purchase this I still have to go into the product page to add them.

Forth, Add filter option?

Thank you

I can’t install it on opencart v1.4.9. San someone help me?

Can you please contact me at btechunit@gmail.com

I am wondering if is there a way to force the fields for SKU, Sorting Order to show by default. Currently It only shows if there is a value filled in originally and I tend to copy products to make multiple versions.

Hi, Yes. Can you please contact me at btechunit@gmail.com

how about multilangual change praduct name ? work ?

Hi, yes. I you can edit product name then edit only English product name.

cool . next q :) filter , atributes edit ?

your modul show product image name ?

thanks .

no no show product image name

Great product, make me works faster and more easy Thanks

Hi, Thanks

Hello! I’m install module In top menu not visible “Catalog”->”Super Product”. Please help Version OpenCart


I’m install module but not visible “Catalog”->”Super Product”. Vers. Thanks

Hi works on newer 2.x opencart ?


Is it possible to add an ean for each option? and filter through them in the product list page?

Hey guys, have anybody tried this tool, to perform same tasks as Fast Product Admin for OpenCart program do ? Here is the link for that stuff: http://store-manager-for-opencart-documentation.emagicone.com/products-management/copy-paste-and-clone-products

Please reply if possible, will be appreciated.