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Does it create cryptic file names for the generated thumbnails ?

No. It creates the thumbnails with the same name with the original file.

Does it use GD or Imagemagick?

It uses PHP-GD extension.

I am using Cpanel and Cpanel interface does not allow me to configure a PHP file as 404 error page. How can I configure 404 directive?

You can do it by using .htaccess file.

Edit (if exists) or create .htaccess file under web root of Fast Image Server and add the line “ErrorDocument 404 /e404.php” to the file.

If you do not want to deal with this technical things, you can create a ticket to your Hosting company and make them do configurations for you.

What is the $permitted array in config.php?

This array is used to limit dimensions. If it is an empty array, Fast Image Server is allowed to create all the thumbnails given by URL.

If you permit all dimensions, an evil user will make your server busy by trying all the combinations of dimensions.

How does it deal with changing images?

There is a thumbnail removal service. You can either remove the thumbnails of an image or remove all the thumbnails in the system by calling the removal service.

There is a section in documentation for removal.

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