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Our charity’s support for your plugin has expired but I’m trying to add a new gallery to the website and have encountered a problem. We can’t add images to a gallery. We can select images in the media library but when we click ‘Add Images’ nothing happens. The progress wheel spins, then stops and nothing happens. I waited ages but nothing.

Thanks for the VERY quick response. Yes, this is happening with the Visual Composer gallery too (I never use them as your plugin is far superior). Any idea why or do we need to get in touch with those guys?

Hi Kate,

in this case you need to contact visual composer author or try to deactive new plugin installed (if you installed recently another plugin)

Kind Regards

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Hi guys, is there any possibility to have all images in the same size no matter what size ratios (vertical or horizontal) they have? Currently Visual Composer shows me this in the frontend, is there a chance that your plugin fixes such an issue?



Hi foxhounds,

sure. You can manage all thumb as you want.

Same size, different size, masonry, grid.

You can look in our demo:

GRID: http://plugins.ad-theme.com/fastgalleryvc/grid/

MASONRY: http://plugins.ad-theme.com/fastgalleryvc/masonry/

Let me know if you need more questions.

Kind Regards

Hi guys, today I bought your plugin but no images appear when adding a gallery using the visual composer. I already put images insight but in my frontend only a white space appears, no images. What do you think might be the issue?

Hi foxhounds,

please open a ticket here https://adtheme.ticksy.com/.

PS: the issue there is also with VC default gallery?

Kind Regards

Hi! How to change “Facebook like” to “Facebook share button”?


I just replied at your ticket.

Kind regards

How come none of the light box options support mobile zoom type gestures?

Hi aaron1989idk44189,

sorry but I don’t understand well what do you mean.

Did you have find an issue on mobile view?



Hi I just bought the plugin but i can’t make the custom link works… it just work if I use the right button and click “open in new tab”

Hi Kurve2016,

open a ticket here https://adtheme.ticksy.com with url page where gallery is loaded.



mixalg Purchased

Hi, presales questions:
1. Please go here www.countryhomes.ca/alcona/30/floorplans/cloverdale.html and click on FloorPlans, you would see that int he right upper corner there is a + sign that allows zooming image opened in the gallery in and out. Please let me know if it is possible with your gallery.
2. If you are familiar with modal boxes/popups functionality (like in ultimate addons for VC), please let me know if your gallery can be opened within modal window/box.
Thank you


mixalg Purchased

Ticket opened.


I just replied.



mixalg Purchased

All sorted out – great and quick support, will rate it as 5 start int he end of the project. Thank you!


Edphoto Purchased

Helloo im having issue with my gallery on mobile. my page keep refreshing when im trying to up and down my gallery using cell phone. can u please let me know whats the issue?

Hi Edphoto,

please open a ticket here https://adtheme.ticksy.com/ with url page for check your issue.


Hi, I am using light gallery and would like to see caption only after I click the image. How can I do this?

Thank you for your responce. I need to have a caption on popup. When do you think you will update the plugin. if not I will not be able to use the plugin. Thanks.


if you use prettyphoto or magnific popup or photoswipe lightbox this option is just included.

Here there are some examples:

http://plugins.ad-theme.com/fastgalleryvc/type-prettyphoto/ http://plugins.ad-theme.com/fastgalleryvc/type-magnific-popup/ http://plugins.ad-theme.com/fastgalleryvc/photoswipe/


Thanks, that did the job

Hi there I have a couple of questions:

1. what is the recommended image dimensions with use for fast gallery? In mosaic mode I’m finding the size formatting doesn’t work very well with large 2000 pixel images.

2. Currently the masonry gallery doesn’t work when stitching the row with content, all the images over lap. The reason I want this is because I want the whole page to be filled, with out two strips of negative space either side.

Many Thanks


thats meant to say stretching the row with content in the WPBakery row setting

I realise why this isn’t working. It seems that fast gallery max content area doesn’t expand for larger screens is there any way to adjust this?

Hi ryan_the_razer,

thanks to purchased our plugin.

It’s normal because fast gallery mosaic and Fast gallery masonry works with JS. If use a row stretch method of visual composer it uses a js to make full with the content.

So in this case you need to use Grid Layout.

For more info please open a ticket here https://adtheme.ticksy.com/



tmbond Purchased


I just bought Visual Composer. I have a row with 2 columns. Left column is text. But I want to use the right column to display an image gallery that covers the entire column like a background image. Is this possible with your plugin? I don’t know if this feature presently exists in VC but I haven’t seen it yet, being a very new user.

Hi tmbond,

you can put inside row our gallery at 100%. But not as background.

You can choose how many columns want in gallery and gallery get 100% of column (in your case right column).



tmbond Purchased


Thanks for your speedy response. If I understand you, you mean as follows:

1.Your plugin allows me to specify gallery row =100% 2.And, in my case, I choose the right column to have the gallery.



yes you can add our gallery inside one column of Visual composer.

And with our gallery you can choose how many gallery columns you want.


It is possible to have numbered thumbnails? As in, the # of the image either in the upper-right corner, or below the thumbnail?

This way, if I have a customer on the phone, I can tell them, “Take a look at Picture #12” for a particular feature, without them having to flip through all of them.

This is a very useful feature for some situations, that seems to be damn near impossible to find in most galleries.

Hi futurofuturo,

currently is possible only with photoswipe http://plugins.ad-theme.com/fastgalleryvc/photoswipe/ when you click on lightbox each image of lightbox has a different link

for example: http://plugins.ad-theme.com/fastgalleryvc/photoswipe/#&gid=1&pid=3


That’s not what I’m talking about. I want a regular photo gallery (1 large image + strip of thumbnails), but I want the thumbnails to also have numbers on them. On them, visible, displayed right from the start.


ok currently is not possible with my gallery.

It’s a good idea to add it in further version.


Hi, I want to purchase your plugin but I am very cautious about its effect on my web page loading speed. I like the “one image” option but can you tell me after triggering popup or prettyphoto, the gallery images are already loaded with first page load or these images are loaded when the popup is triggered? thanks

Hi rizwi86,

thanks for interested at our plugin.

Some type of lightboxs loads lightbox image only when you open lightbox.

Also you can change thumbnails dimension (default,thumbs,medium,large) and also you can use lazy load effect if you want load thumb only when visible.


thanks for reply. can you tell me the name of lightbox that loads image only it is opened?

Hi rosentreter,

thanks to purchased our plugin.

open ticket here adtheme.ticksy.com with url site and write well your request.


Hi there, can you please reply to this ticket #1455998. Cheers




Hi! Really nice Plugin! I like the variations of options to choose from so it’s easy to fit it into existing designs. I have one question: My favorite is the Light Gallery. It would be great if you could zoom in to pictures on mobile (and mybee on desktops if the screen res is smaller). It’s a much requested feature of our customers cause they like to zoom in for details. Is ist possible to add this feature?


please open ticket here https://adtheme.ticksy.com/


Hello guys, When using Mosaic Gallery and resize the page … it triggers also a page reload. Is this intended behavior? http://www.mece.co.rs/kalendar-obroka/ Thanks!


is normal to correct resize mosaic. If you want change Responsive / Mosaic -> mosaic.

If you want more help please open a ticket here https://adtheme.ticksy.com/


Thanks a lot guys!

Hi, we are running Fast Gallery Version 3.1. In conjunction, we use Smart Grid gallery that lately added a very nice functionality – printing icon. Please see the screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/Bw8E7
We are looking for the same functionality in Fast Gallery for PHOTOSWIPE gallery. Please let me know if it is doable.
Thank you.

Also – can we pay for a modification if we need it now?

It’s been 2 days… can you please address the questions?

Hi mixalg,

unfortunately at moment we can’t tell you when and if is possible add it on our plugin. And currently we can’t get custom work, because we are busy in other project. Anyway If possible we will improve our plugin in further version with this function.


Dear Ad Theme. After I enable the plugin I get a 500 error on the front end. Any idea what could cause this? Cheers.

Hi Stuartbeat,

very very strange. Open ticket here https://adtheme.ticksy.com/ with url site and temporary administrator account.



Bowerweb Purchased

is it possible to edit the CSS so the caption shows on the thumbnails at the start when the page is loaded (as opposed toonly appearing on mouse over event?)


is avaible selecting this style http://plugins.ad-theme.com/fastgalleryvc/style-2/


Hi, i have a question, i need to make a over with diferent images, when the mouse over the picture change with another picture, can i make that? Please Help me with the process. Thanks

Hi charleside,

thanks to purchased our plugin.

Images showed on mouse over is not an image but it’s a font icon.

If you want put a custom image you need to change css classes.

open functions.php

find this:


remove it


and inside span add your img like this

After this you need to adjust css code.

But pay attention currently our plugin is not optimized for change over image.



prezenta Purchased

Hi, I have a problem when using WP Fastest Cache. When I clear all cache, gallery works just fine, but next day gallery doesn’t work anymore (no photos visible). If I clear cache works again, but again only for some time (I don’t know exactly how much time, but next day when I check it doesn’t work). Did you test your plugin with any free caching plugin? Would you be so kind and recommend it to me? Thank you in advance, Ales

Hi prezenta,

any other user report an issue with plugin cache.

Are you sure issue depended from cache plugin?



prezenta Purchased

Hi, Yes I’m sure, because I disabled WP Fastest Cache and now gallery works fine. But of course page is very slow. Probably I need to try some other caching plugin…