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Screen shots are wrong.

Yea i noticed that they have some how changed, I have submitted the changes to my screenshots

some video demo? thanks

Recording it now

Does this module contain full source files to build from scratch (JS, PSD , etc.) – it’s not clear from the description.

Yes i includes all the JS and titanium files, no PSD was used for this.

Few pre-purchase questions, if you don’t mind

1. On the home page is it easy to change the blue background colour to an image? Is it an image? If so, do you include psd templates?

2. Find an outlet – does that use the iphone’s geo finder? i.e show you a outlet closest to you?

3. How does the specials/deal of the day work? I.e how could you change it daily?

4. Is it easy to customize the contact page…. add a few icons and extra rows of information?

Can I suggest a future update? – What about a page to include recipes?

Is it possible to modify this for an app that would search the local area for a specific type of food?

FOr that you would need some sort of database of places and food types and then an APIbut im sure if you looked around someone might offer that

That sounds ok, how does this app connect to to find the data then, if i had a database and api to access that would i be able to quite easily connect to that via this app or is everything stored offline on this app?

interested but support is none existent..

[ERROR] Script Error = Result of expression ‘Titanium.Map’ [undefined] is not an object. at local.js (line 5).


Manual will be great

Is there a version for Android ?? or this app can export ??

I’d like to buy this – but the comments (without responses) and the lack of any detail in the description means I’m not going to take the risk.

how can i update data for this app and do you have copy for android