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See here, Hope you can resolve >>>> http://zikaygroup.com/1calendar/ >>>> This was happen Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/asiamatc/public_html/zikaygroup.com/1calendar/model/settings.class.php on line 52

Warning: mysqli_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /home/asiamatc/public_html/zikaygroup.com/1calendar/model/settings.class.php on line 132

Warning: mysqli_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /home/asiamatc/public_html/zikaygroup.com/1calendar/model/settings.class.php on line 156

Warning: mysqli_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /home/asiamatc/public_html/zikaygroup.com/1calendar/model/settings.class.php on line 217

Can you check if the settings table is correctly created from the SQL file?

ok tq done

Hi I have successfully installed the script. I also have upload a file in the EDIT AN EVENT, unfortunately I had failed to download back the file and the following was appeared:

Not Found

The requested URL /1calendar/uploads/30ee27b22b2be8b842cc4c4c35e18a198e239348.mswor was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

For your info I also had configured and adjusted the file attributes/ permission.

Please help me

may I give a password to you and you can adjust as you can..

Sure, you can mail me: paul.wolbers@gmail.com

Sorry, I fixed it in my other calendar (Employee Work Schedule) . I will fix it in Fast &Easy Calendar as soon as possible.

In the feature of ‘Add an Event’, there are elements such as Title, Location, Description, Telephone, Url.. How do I get that all the filling ingredients will be mandatory (marked by * ) by default, and the event will not be updated / be recorded – unless it must be completed ?

[ This thing is very important when it comes to different people who type a several events and we would like to guarantee the order and discipline in the organization ]

LoL…... NEVER MIND. IT’S .O.K ….. :grin:

Dear Paul

I sent you a private mail… take a look.

Thank you for all !!! The last update is excelent !!! As I promised you before, I am attaching you the Hebrew-language translation file – (90% completed). Cheers!



Hi Paul,

Thanks for the effort that would have gone into the calendar system.

I purchased today – 840a904c-c7bf-4e7e-a818-312717fd18d5

Can you pls tell me how to change the viewport window setting in the header so I can get it to scale and resize on iphones

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=740, initial-scale=1.0”>



Sorry for my late response, been busy .. view/cal.html at the top is the metatag. You can change that to fit your needs. If that is not sufficient I can look into it.


Can you tell me the difference between the fast & easy calendar and your other employee calendar ?

What are the differences between them ?


The major difference is that Employee Work Schedule can handle more than 1 calendar per user (the separate calendars can be seen as categories, departments, rooms etc.) WIth Fast & Easy Calendar there can also be lots of users, but they can all have 1 calendar per person.

I have been adding features mostly to Employee Work schedule. Some of those features i will add to Fast & Easy Calendar as well this year.
Also the amount of configurable options is larger with Employee Work Schedule at the moment and you can set many options per calendar.

The extra of Fast &Easy Calendar right now is the app, which I am planning to make compatible with Employee Work Schedule as well.

So in short:

Fast &Easy Calendar:
Single-user/ Multi-user
Shared calendar for all users or one calendar per user

Employee Work Schedule:
Single-user/ Multi-user
Users can have several calendars, public, private or they can be part of a usergroup calendar. The admin can create calendars and usergroups.
There can be more admins with all their own calendars, which can be public, private or groupcalendars.

When I mouse over calendar items of the last week of the month I can’t read the entire Time/Date/Description because the bottom of the calendar is cut off. I’ve searched the source thinking there was a z-index to change but no luck. I placed a sample at http://www.vci.net/~dkingery/sample.jpg What can I adjust so the bottom is viewable?

I will look at it tomorrow. Extending the height of the calendar div or a padding might work. I will let you know.

In fullcalendar.css on line 108 (it’ s in the external/fullcalendar folder) you can comment out the ‘overflow: hidden’ line for .fc-view


hi, i try a new installation but i have this: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE

in /home/copefine/domains/copefi.net/public_html/hope/model/users.class.php on line 337

Can you mail me that line. I’m sick in bed at the moment


I just started using Fast & Easy Calendar although I bought it a while ago. Basic setup has been done and I’m just learning and testing it now. Since most of my users will be a bit older people and would be most likely more conformable using it in their local language. Is there a way of creating my own language files? maybe using the English ones as template and translating and creating new versions of my local language. Language I’m looking for in Finnish. Thanks

Best regards Pipsa

ok, I’ll have to check this. I’m scheduled to skip town for few days but I will get back to you. thanks for the great support :)

Sorry, it was a bug, I fixed it for you. It will also be in the next update.

For others: in view/cal.html change these lines:
MyCalendar.FCfirstDay  = '<?smarty $smarty.const.FIRSTDAY_OF_WEEK ?>';

MyCalendar.FCfirstHour  = '<?smarty $smarty.const.FIRST_SCROLL_HOUR ?>';

MyCalendar.FCminTime  = '<?smarty $smarty.const.MIN_VISIBLE_TIME ?>';

thanks :)


i just bought the Fast&Easy calendar. On my local(Mamp) environment all works well. I try to move it to my test environment (hosted elsewhere), made the adjustments necessary (config.php; templates writable; filled in the database; correct the path) but i got a blank screen by accessing the url. What can go wrong? I can give you the possibility to access my test-environment if needed.

Best regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

You can mail me the URL and ftp credentials. (paul.wolbers@gmail.com) If you want you can try some things first. In confis/config.php you can turn on the errorlogging, perhaps that helps with debugging. You can also remove the // in front of echo getCwd() and press f5 on your webpage, that will show the path, Check if that equals the FULLCAL_DIR you filled in in config.php.


I have one more question here. Is the a configuration item that would allow me to set up the calendar as follows: everyone who has the URL can see the times my resources is busy but you need to login to see the details like who has booked the resource etc?

Best regards, Pipsa

Oh sorry… too many things to do. It slipped my mind. I will look at your question again.

just uploaded a new version. So tomorrow or the day after you will get notified by Envato, and then you can download the new version.

I just installed the latest version – perfect! you rock m8!

Today I finally had some time to test the Android app for this. I have Samsung Galaxy S7 and I managed to install the app and get it running just fine. However I found one issue with the app that might require some checking.

I have added some images (below are the links), in the first one I’m making a calendar entry with the app on my phone, date is 20th Aug 2016 and time 20-21. In the second image you can see the entry in my calendar (snip from my pc screen) and third image is just the same entry as selected and larger. As you can see it lands on the 16th Aug (today, when I made the entry) so even if I select date with the app it just uses the time from the app but sets the date as default in the app (assuming default is today). Is this me, my phone or some setting I have?

http://www.riihimaenagility.fi/kalenteri/images/Screenshot_20160816-204506.png http://www.riihimaenagility.fi/kalenteri/images/mobile_app_from_computer_full.jpg http://www.riihimaenagility.fi/kalenteri/images/mobile_app_from_computer.jpg

sorry to be stupid again but I only managed to break the whole thing

not familiar with this code to be able to figure out how to fix this (tried few basic things but no help) so I had it like this

$frm_submitted = validate_var($arr_submit);
//error_log((var_export($frm_submitted, true));

the error part is now commented because as I said with wrong way the page broke giving me http 500 error so obviously I’m doing something wrong :P

Sorry.. my mistake. . Behind error_log should be 1 (

oh, dear…I should have seen that myself :P ok now I have an error log. Sending that to your email address.

Hi. I also find that cal. Like to look the test demo Site, but that’s not working!

And is there also an ios (apple) app available? If not do you plan one? And if not what will it coast maybe?

Thanks Stephane

I will fix that as soon as possible, sorry for the inconvenience

no, no iOS app, no plans in the near future for that either.

the demo is working again

Hi, is it possible to print the calendar-events of an day?

no, not at this moment

theres no demo… the demolink doesn`t work

it’s working again

Hi. Thanks. Just buy to other software from you

sir…this application can insert image or video from local disk?and full source given after buy this application

yes, you can insert files for every calendar item.

yes, you get full source code. So you can make changes or additions for personal use.

Hi, I was testing your Fast & Easy Calendar App. It’s nice. When I try moving an event from one date to another by dragging & dropping, it doesn’t seem to move the event from one day to another. It should have a snap affect. And it doesn’t update the “date” in the event either. Do you think this is hard to fix ? Do you know what I mean ? Thanks, Mike Schneider Illinois, US

I will test tomorrow and let you know if I have questions. .

DId you perhaps try that on a mobile device? Could be that isn’t always too smooth. On my Mac in Firefox there was no problem..


mankipi Purchased

Hi, Is there a way to temporary disable mobile app? I would need to stop bookings coming from the mobile app.

Not with a setting.. you would have go into index.php and put this at the top of both mobileadd functions : echo ‘not possible.. ’;exit;


mankipi Purchased

not sure if I got it right but end results seems to work as expected :) thanks!

Well done !

Hi Paul, looking to buy this but need something answering, is there any ability for the admin user to be able to place bookings for other users? i cant seem to find that ability.

Yes , i can make the selectbox

hi, so do i buy this, install and then you can make the change?

You can do that. Or i can let you know when i’m ready.