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How much the cost to replace ads into admob (banner and interstitial). Please send me email about that cost: ayunindyasophia@gmail.com

Yes you can please contact us on our email appwizard2016@gmail.com

android or eclipse code !!

Its Android Studio project.

I really wanted to purchase this code, but disappointing is that you didn’t integrated admob in this app.

Also It’s much price without the source of earning Admob.

Your app is good but without admob, it’s nothing for buyer. In 3 month only 31 sales.

I think you will not integrate admob to your app….. Don’t worry I found new one & going to purchase https://codecanyon.net/item/go-battery-doctor-battery-saver-end-booster-with-material-design/19542214

Please wait for 2 or 3 day we integrated google admob + google firebase integration + google analytics.

We already upload a new app, it is on review on code canyon.


I tried to contact you on skype but no reply! please reply!

Thank You

Currently our skype Account is not active please send massage via mail.

Hey, I want to change admob such as banner and institial. How to i change. Where admob?

Currently App contains FAN ( Facebook Audience Network). But if you want to integrate Admob ads we give you this service contract us on mail

contact me at arpasaka@gmail.com. Thanks

Its a shame to sell such app at such amount without admob.

Secondly, nothing unique about the app as its just providing shortcuts to turning off features on your phone.

Yes. We are currently use FAN (Facebook Audiance Network) not admob.

And also the app is not only for shortcuts to turning off features on your phone it is for FAST CHARGING.


It’s sad that he no more support his product.

I think people should think before purchasing, unlike me after purchasing the product for 2nd time; he no more replies and support his products I believe.

If at all you want to experience the worst bad support on envato, then buy this product; you will find out.

Thank you so much for support us.

hay my friend some one sell you source code her in the market https://codecanyon.net/item/go-battery-doctor-battery-saver-end-booster-with-material-design/19542214 I think he stole your project thanks

Thank you so much for support us.

Hi AppWizard Team, I Buy this source code now, Thanks for your great work

Thanks You can use it now :)



wrong apk in dropbox. please upload the correct apk for testing

We updated it please check.

Hi, if i buy this will i get good support in generating the APK ?

All things are given in documentation and if you need support then we will help you as well.

Wrong Download, I cannot download demo

We will update this link soon

You didnt updated this in month ! LOL

We will update this link soon

Demo apk : https://www.dropbox.com/s/bo3pxtyhkdpdx8z/app-debug.apk?dl=0 IS INCORRECT I DONT GOING TO BY IT IF YOU DONT CHANGE THE DEMO

We will update this link soon

Dear appwizzard developer, I just bought this source code and upload it at playstore as 1 apps, Im not reskinging another. Why you give me DMCA?

Not recommended seller! http://www.imagebam.com/image/f7b99f659259823


Sorry for inconvenience bro,

In play store, there is more than 150 fast charger app of ours.

So that we are hard to identify it. They download the project from the nulled site and publish it.

So don’t worry about it. You need to just send a copy of the license to google they will reinstatement your app.

Hi, appwizzard developer.

Please read my email.

I emailed you two days ago.

Ok sure bro, We are always ready to help our clients and buyers

please help me to send reinstated request to google (removals@google.com)

I has been contact google twice but. last time I contact they rejected. I hope google can understand you help me. I don’t know what should I do.

http://www.imagebam.com/image/f82f2a705748813 I follow all rule from google, last time he replied then over 10 days not any action. http://www.imagebam.com/image/130f84705748823 I submit appeal, but rejected.

please contact me in email cethemobile@gmail.com

I’am interest your other apps, but please help me first to solve this matter.

We requested google and they reinstated your app.

when is the update?


BstSllr Purchased

Hi i bought this product by mistake : https://codecanyon.net/item/fast-battery-charger-5x-battery-saver-booster-with-facebook-audience-network-adchoice-/18316639 i wanna admob ads , i find this app respect my request : https://codecanyon.net/item/fast-battery-charger-5x-battery-saver-with-admob-ads-google-analytics-firebase-integration/19571598

can you please refund money cause i wanna admob ads into , without admob it’s nothing for me.

Please refund my money and i will buy the second version that contain admob ads.

Please help me :/

Can you update your 5x battery saver apps to Android 7.0/7.1/7.2 versions? And can you reskin the colour scheme. Thanks.

Yes we can, but reskin is a paid service.

hello ! whats this problem ! i did not find a solution

Error:Execution failed for task ’:libraryMaskLayout:clean’. > Unable to delete directory: C:\Users\fanid\Desktop\fastbatterycharger\codecanyon-19571598-fast-battery-charger-5x-battery-saver-with-admob-ads-google-analytics-firebase-integration\FastChargerSorceCode\Code\FastChargerAdmob\FastChargerAdmob\libraryMaskLayout\build\intermediates\bundles\default

You need to purchase application first.