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Very nice script!

Thank you :)

Why developing tons en tons of magazine / flipbook scripts instead of further-developing one plugin? Customers need to keep buying the new ones.. Not very customer friendly.


This is a WordPress plugin for my this xml flash file:
For each of my flash flipbook creating WordPress plugin.

Can this plugin have these thing?

1/ Full screen with big images 2/ Change size of pages 3/ Turn many image links into pages for a book

Hope it yes all :)


1 Yes. But these are the same images ( At normal screen images are reduced )
2 Yes
3 Yes. But you have to do it in the swf file.

1/ You mean “same size”? My image can be big enough to full a 1366×768 screen

2/ Good

3/ I don’t understand. I want to add many image links, bunch of png, jpg links (from another host) into the plugin, and it combine it into a book. I don’t want to add each link (or upload into my host) for pages.

4/ One more question: Can it load pages from page 1 first, then to next pages later? Because my books have hundres of images. It will very lagging if it load all at same time.

5/ If there is something that this plugin can’t do, then can you introduce another flipbook of yours for me? (especially not-flash-based one). Thanks :)

1 Your picture may be very large. Will be automatically reduced.
3 You must add links in the swf file. You do this in the fla file and then create a swf file (You must have flash installed to create links)
4 There is no such function.
5 I do Flipbook jQuery plugin – but it will take some time yet.

i need a version to input pdfs


Now I do not have that version. It may be so in the future. Follow my profile.

One more question (please answer my questions above):

Can I hide the menu when enter fullscreen mode? Only big pages show on and we use arrow button to flip them.

Hope that you reply and answer my questions soon.

Hiding a menu in fullscreen – it requires custom coding.

Update 5.VI.2013

  • You can add images from Media Library
Have a look at this page: http://www.hikmah.co.uk/uncategorized/the-fountain-issue-3/

1) How come the images come cut off (see page 2)?
2) How do you stop the flash hovering with mouse-cursor UNLESS book is zoomed in?


You have entered the link. But this is not my project.

Im having a bit of an issue with the height cutting off….is there any fix?

Link: http://jamilvelji.com/tpptest/?page_id=5#/book1/1


The link you provided – this is not my project :)

Any social media sharing features?


There is no support.

Hello , it s possible to display a link in pages ? ( for my project , a double page= a website with link to visite)


i hop i am clear my english is bab ;)

Links can add in the swf file. You need to add the swf file as a page.

File content can be varied. File “download.zip” prepare yourself.

Other question : the plugin is compatible with all wp theme or custom coding can be necesary ?


They were never reported a problem with my plugins. You also have the support after the purchase.

ok tks for rapidity i will buy it soon ;)

question again : when i donlowd image to the flip book they are automaticly “re sizing” ?


Page size may be different. You set it in the admin panel. You must prepare the file itself, and must be of such a size as you set.

Update 21.VII.2013

  • Fixed bug (could not add photos in the post or page )


Do you have any WordPress plugin version of Flip Book that is responsive and isn’t Flash based that will work on Apple Devises?


Now I do Responsive FlipBook jQiery for WordPress. It should be ready by the end of the month. Follow us facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/flashmaniac/253680546408 There will write when it is ready.

can you put video from youtube or vimeo on the pages? and can it be fill out exact measurements for double page?


There is no support for youtube and vimeo.

i have a requirement for my client where i want to give my client functionality to upload their monthly book in pdf or image format and it shoud display in book list in archieve automatically. like january 2014 ferbruary 2014 etc…. is it possible with you plugin explain in brief and i buy it now. also i want all images or pdfs watermarked with their logo. also i want it mobile friendly.


You can create an unlimited number of book. As for the archives, you can create a post (for each book) and there to give you a link to the book (then you will be in the archive). Watermark need to create manually (no watermark function)

This version is flash does not work on ipad / iphone.

Hi, Nice plugin, but there is a problem doesnt works: http://astoriapruebas.com.es/Essencial/?page_id=1499 Could you help me? Thanks


Plugin is not installed. Please send me a private message and enter the data into your WordPress (host, user, password)

Hi, downloaded your plugin as a free gift via Envato free offer in February. But have just tried to install and run plugin, but it does have a file a zip to upload? ie the downloaded zip file from Envato does not upload and if i unzip the file the it does not contain any of the folder are showing in your youtube demo. So how do i upload and install this plugin?

Please write your questions in the right place here:

Hi, Have left message, now waiting for your reply.

I have not received email from you.

Hi my friend, it is very nice your theme. But can I transform my posts in a magazine too? Like to let my client to do it himself with his posts, can I? Can I make a magazine from just one category too? Tks a lot!!!


You can not transform posts to pages flipbook. But creating flipbook is easy (just as simple as creating posts)