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Pre-sale question. Hi, did you manage to include the Multi-shop option? Do you offer paid customization services for this module? (I would need a couple of CSS modifications to adapt to the theme)

Hi LeoCe.

Yes we do, but not untill a few months. Let me know by mail (team@wookstrap.com) your list of modifications so I can make a proper response.


Hello, I’d like to buy your module, but I have a question : I actually have on my website a FAQ in the top bar, but it is actually an image that’s just redirecting to a CMS. Is it possible to use the actual image and redirect the link to your module ? [sorry for the question, I suppose it is possible but I am really into basic programming ] my site www.teeasy.com in case you do not understand what I mean. Thanks for reply Edward

Hi Eddy.

Sure you can. The module is linked to a page, so if you use your actual page to display your new FAQS, you don’t even have to change the link in your topbar.

En français dans le texte, aucun problème, le module s’appuie sur une page CMS pour afficher son contenu, aussi si vous utiliser la page actuelle faite à la main pour afficher les FAQ via notre module, le lien dans la topbar n’aura même pas a être modifié.



Great work – thank you!

Could you let me know how link other links in footer to FAQ. I wish link delivery and payments, terms and conditions to it. Now all is in FAQs. Please take a look – misslemonade.pl Best regards, Karol

Hi Karol

For now you can’t link to a specific anchor in the FAQ page. This feature will be available in the next release.

Thanks for your support. WT

Great pity, is there any other way to do so?

Not that I know. I promess this feature will be out soon. Nice website by the way.


mon achat :

3b99b9b2-cbd6-400e-b443-4b38d3b4d5e1 – 8 Apr 2016

pouvez vous me dire comment l’on fait pour rattacher le module FAQ a un CMS ? Dans le module, j’ai été choisir le CMS que je voulais (chez moi qui s’appelle “FAQ”, mais la seule chose qui apparait a l’écran est encore l’ancien texte (qui est toujours dans le CMS) Dans votre descriptif, il est indiqué que le module se place en dessous du texte du CMS, mais rien n’apparait chez moi Faut il eventuellement supprimer le texte deja present dans le CMS ? Ou il y a t-il autre chose a faire ? merci de votre réponse Edward

Bonjour Eddy.

Je vous renvoie à la documentation, et plus précisément à la partie override. Vous devriez trouver la solution à votre problème. Si toutefois ce n’était pas le cas, je vous invite à nous envoyer directement un mail sur team@wookstrap.com avec les accès à votre BackOffice ainsi que les accès à votre FTP afin de vous assister.

Cordialement, WT.

Hi, is it possible to externally link to a FAQ entry?

Hey motion2082. Should be out this month ! BR

Hey wookstrap, has the new version been released yet?

Almost. We’re working on 1.7 compatibiliy. SeeU Motion


Is it possible to externally link to a FAQ entry?

Hi motion,

As of right now, it is not possible, but this is a feature frequently asked for here in the comments. Our team has been pretty busy past couple of monthes but we managed to clear some time for improving this module very soon.

Be sure this feature will be included in the upcoming release.

Best regards WT

Awesome, I look forward to your upcoming release

Any ETA on when this feature will be available? It’s been almost a year now :(


Still no update ?


Hey Unicomoda

We work on the next release only one day a month. But don’t worry we’re close to the end.



I recently bought the module FAQ U. And installed it on our site and made a FAQ buyers guide for hockey sticks. have a look https://shop.osakahockey.com/content/8-faq-sticks

Now i would like to make a buyers guide for clothing and our gloves as well. But i want this separate from the stick guide.

Is this possible? And how can i do this?

thank you for your time

kind regards,

Nick Heij Osaka Hockey Europe nv

Hi Nick.

For the moment you can’t do that. Module can only be hooked on a signle page. You can be assured that your issue will be fixed in a future release.

I hope you’ll find a way to display your FAQ’s in the meantime.



Thx for your reply.

Could it work if i rename something in the original files and do a second install? We really need this! When is a future release planned?

Grtz Nick

Hi Nick

You can try if you want, but we’re not supposed to give any support if you modify the source code. I really understand that you need this feature, but for now I can tell you that it won’t be implemanted in the next version (summer 2016) of the module.


Hi, I would like to by your module. Can you tell me when you will lauch the updated version with search bar and multishop ability??

Thanks in advantage


Hi qxseno

Those features are not part of the next release. Search bar and multishop ability will be released in 4 to 6 months.

Seeu WT

Thanks for your response, I just thought; because you are announced it at the item details: “In the next version (june 2016)”



I’m gonna change that right now !

Is it possible to get a html link for a category or question in the FAQ? So we can actually refer to a specific answer when a customer has a specific question?

Thanks in advance!


No, for now it’s not possible. It’s a request we plan to include in the next release.



Gooward Purchased

Hello, is it possible that we can put faq u! on homepage?

Hey Gooward No, it’s not. For now you can only hook the module to a CMS page. But why not in a following release. SeeU WT

Hi, thank you much for making FAQ-U module!! but I have one question with Category, is there any way that can allow me to delete the category section at all in the website? Because I don’t need different category. Thank you :)

Hey emilyoct. Thanks for your support. It’s possible, but you need some basic skills to do it. - Create a main category - Create your entries - Through the css custom file, hide (display: none) the “w4wfaq-cat” class and put a “width:100%” on the “w4wfaq-list” class

If you don’t have any basic skills juste copy/paste the following code in the css custom file :

.w4wfaq-cat {display:none}
.w4wfaq-list {width:100%}

Let me know if it’s OK for you. SeeU WT

Thank you for your quick reply! I use the code you gave me and it works really well!! :)

You’re welcome.

And don’t forget to rate us !


bonjour, après achat et installation, j’ai effectué un essai du module. A ce jour rien n’apparaît sur ma page, aucune catégorie et question n’apparaisse. Le module n’est pas compatible avec mon theme


La compatibilité du module n’est pas liée au thème mais à Prestashop. Je vous invite à bien lire la documentation, et plus particulièrement la section “Troubleshooting” partie “Override Issue at Install”.

Si vous avez des soucis nous interviendrons si vous le souhaitez directement sur votre boutique. Pour ce faire, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous directement via notre email : team@wookstrap.com

Bonne journée


I just bought your FAQ U! module for prestashop.

With the installation i get the error page [PrestashopExeption], Module w4wfaq not found error.

I probably did something wrong, but i can’t figure it out. Could you help us?



Hey duogames

Please check if the zip file you try to upload is not the one provided by Envato.
If so it’s the MAIN file, including doc files + zip files of the module.
Try to unzip this file and extract the zip file named “w4wfaq.zip” and upload this one.
Let me know if it solved your problem.


Thank you, works perfect.

You’re welcome.
And don’t forget to rate us!

just updated my prestashop to version The module did work before but after the update the module won’t show the faq page anymore. Any ideas?



Hey duogames, can you please check in your back-office in “Advanced Parameters” > “Performances” that the “Disable all overrides” option is set to “No” (as stated in our documentation in the troubleshooting section) ?

When you update prestashop, the overrides are disabled to allow for a clean upgrade and a functionning shop, and the overrides must be reactivated manually (in case one of them is incompatible with new prestashop).

Keep me posted Regards WT

thank you for fast reply :) Works perfect now.

You’re welcome, and thanks for the rating !

Please update your module and add a search option to this module.

It’s almost ready. We also work on 1.7 compatibility.

Hi I have a problem with the display :http://www.trabattellionline.com/it/content/24-trabattelli-e-scale-domande-e-risposte-

Hey devil. Can you grant me an access to your shop+ftp so I can fix the issue. You can email me infos to team@wookstrap.com SeeU

My boss will not let me send ftp data. I can send the files global.css or other?

Hey devil. Just try to add this to the w4wfaq.custom.css file included in the module (see documentation)

.w4wfaq-wrapper {
  margin-left: -20px;
  float: left;
  width: 100%;
  margin-top: 5px;
  margin-bottom: 5px;

.w4wfaq-list {
  margin-left: 0;
  margin-top: 5px;
  margin-bottom: 5px;
  float: left;

#w4wfaq-tab-content h4 {
  display: block!important;

The edit the file simple.tpl and add the class “row” to w4wfaq

Let me know if it’s ok WT


An installation was successful. However, I don’t know where I could find the “FAQ.” I am using PrestaShop I need a support on where I can find it. Reply as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Hi 365muscle
You’ve probably uploaded the full zip. Unzip the original file you’ve downloaded through codecanyon. You’ll find another zip file inside the previous one. Upload this one to your Prestashop.
Let me know if it’s OK.


I just bought your FAQ U! presta module. Tried to install it in Prestashop After uploading the zip file from the modules dashboard, the FAQ U! module doesnt show up in the modules list. It’s obvious, the module not showing up in the list is useless to me. Can you assist? Thanks in advance. Tess

Hi TessAcerico.
You’ve probably uploaded the full zip. Unzip the original file you’ve downloaded through codecanyon. You’ll find another zip file inside the previous one. Upload this one to your Prestashop.
Let me know if it’s OK.

Never mind Wookstrap. I unzipped the file from envato. Works fine now. Thanks !

Great, and don’t forget to rate us !

Still waiting for that update :(

Hi Wookstrap, is your update from October 2016 ready yet?

Hey motion2082.
No, not yet. We’re trying to add the 1.7 compatibility for now. It’s a matter of week. SeeU