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Super module, how can we update font-awsome icons? I put the last version in the / fonts folder and change the 2 css files by font-awsome but that does not work.

thank you in advance for your help Johan


I think that you should update iconpicker in order to see the v4.7 icons :

Let me know if it’s OK. WT

Good evening,

Thank you very much for your answer, it works perfectly;)

Sincerely, Johan

Glad it works. SeeU WT

No response to my request for information ?

Sorry Mate.

We’re on vacation the whole week. We’ll get back to you ASAP.


Désolé, de retour de vacances dans une semaine. On vous recontacte dès que possible.


I upgraded prestashop, and the module does not work anymore. You can restore?

Thanks Gianluca

Hey Gianluca.

Sure we can ! But you need to suscribe to the support feature first. Let me know when it’s OK.


Shame you never updated this module like you said you would. My client is extremely unhappy they can’t link FAQ’s directly using your module.

If anyone is considering purchasing this module and needs direct links to a FAQ, I would highly recommend going elsewhere. The developer promised to fix this in an update in October 2016. We’re now in March 2017.

Signed, one very unhappy customer

Hey motion2082.

You’re right, shame on us. Working on this module is a lot of work, especially for that kind of feature. We have to think about it, develop it, test it and submit it. We are a small team, and believe me, we don’t like unhappy customer. Rest assured that this feature will be on the next release with the last version of Font Awesome.

Have a good day, WT

Hi WS,

I understand there is a lot of work that goes into module development. I would advise in future not to over-promise your updates when you can’t deliver on a deadline. If you stated that you probably wouldn’t be ready until the end of 2017 I would have been a little more understanding. No update since March 2015 is also a concern. I wish your small team the best of luck. Who knows we might get a surprise update notification by the end of 2018.

Have a good day also, Motion

Just purchased, links to FAQs, worth a look


you can solve the problem? Every time I update prestashop, FAQ module, does not work. Possible fix it?

Thank you

Hey gianluca.

That’s the way the module works, by disabling the override. And it won’t change. If you need further assistance you have to follow Envato rules.

Cheers, WT.


I always turned off the override and it never worked. During the free support, is never solved the problem. Now that it is expired, I still have to pay to fix it? For this you contact.

Thanks Gianluca

Hey Gianluca,

I fixed your issue on your server and in your database. A couple of points to note :

- Your prestashop installation is beyond corrupted, error logs show that a lot of stuff is not going good.

- Our module was not working because some other module(s) corrupted its installation. In order to fix I simply backed up the FAQ tables in your databases, reinstalled module, and imported the backup.

- Given the state of your prestashop install, at some point, something will stop working completely when you update it.

- This intervention would have been beyond the scope of what a paid envato customer is allowed to expect from this service.

- It is wrong to say that things never worked. Ever since you bought this module we have spent a lot of time going in your back office to re-enable overrides after your updates, when it is simply stated in documentation and your refused to understand it for so long. This time, as stated above, the issue was different.

As such I just want to inform you that :

- We will not intervene on your prestashop installation again

- Even if you re-subscribe to support, fixing issues like the one we just fixed is NOT something we will ever do again.

Best of luck with your business




Obviously, it’s not linked to the module. You need to buy support so we can have look. Envato rules.


Hi Will you make new update? You was write new version in 2017.

Hi askinjew.

We plan to release the next version in the following weeks.


What abount presta ?

Next release will be 1.7 compatible.

is 1.7 available?

No, we still got some issues with the 1.7.

I hope 1.7 version!

Maybe this for the second semester