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Looks very nice. Is there any procedure to stop the Animation…. One time it will be good. Frequently users will get some kind of noise. Please give me an option to hide the animation feature.

Thank You

Yes, This is possible, just 1 line change in library.js file, and you can remove animated option from it too. I can customise that for you for free.

Option added to stop the animation

There are so many animations.. But looks very nice, GLWS iFreelancer!

Thanks! Yes with 1 line modification animation can be removed too :)

Yes, the option for animation has been changed to admin panel footer settings

Wow… You are really fast. Wish you all the best…

Wow… You are really fast. Wish you all the best…

I like this script and want to buy it but I wish it had a payment system (Stripe/Skril/PayPal) for users to pay when getting help or accessing knowledgebase. GLWS.

Can we have all the above mentioned options in the admin control panel of the script? And I select one or all the options when offering support to customers. Thanks.

Adding all options will be beyond of free service. But it’s a nice idea, i will implement them in next version in a week. Thanks

Can’t wait to see the update, thanks.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Oh god, I love you dude!

Well done with this script, it is absolutely worth all the money, so for y’all who are not sure to buy it, do it. First of all, I just bought it and made my person changes, and it went smooth even though I am still in the learning phase.

Second of all, absolutely smooth stuff. Alot of animations, however, it is possible to stop. Well done, would love to purchase from you again with no hesitation.

I have one question, what so ever, I am wondering how I can change the text at the frontpage, where it says “Search Our Knowledgebase With Ease” and the text under it? Where can I change this?

I am also wondering if there is possible to update the copyright section, where it says copyright to your name. Is it possible to make this copyright to us, but created by you for example?

Overall, just lovely, and far the best support system I found here.



Yes sir, you can send me and email here :- support@ifreelance.asia


Send you a message now, thanks!

Thanks for using our support!. If you have any question in future feel free to ask. :)


i want to make it question answer script. its look nice ,

which can provide question answer script , providing option to choose subjects.

Choose subjects from where ??? can you provide more detail, i can have a look into it ??

Excellent script. I would like to ask how to make 1 autosuggestion in the search field? 2 when user adding the question. How to make the category with autosuggestion?if not exist this category user able to type category manually with autosuggestion.

Hi sir, Sorry for late reply.

It is not available by default. You need to do some little code work for that.

Hello. For some reason, the images that I include in an article, through the insert picture function, does not display after the article is saved. If I activate the HTML mode, and enter the code directly, it does not work either. Can you please help?

1. When writing a Knowledgebase Article (or FAQ), and I insert a graphic , the graphic is displayed momentarily until I save the article. When the article is accessed again, the graphic does not show (just an image placeholder). When I revise the HTML (with the editor) the image command is not there (I sent you URL sample via email, and in your profile contact form).

2. Another big issue that I am experiencing is that, when writing an article, if I enter an external link (such as http://cnn.com), the resulting link will be http://mydomain.com/http://cnn.com) In other words, it adds my domain before the URL. In consequence, the link does not work.

Please help!

Replied. Kindly check reply


Thank you for the incredible support, and the time to help me with my issues. This is an outstanding application. A lot of value for the price.

Hello, i like your plugin.

How to remove animation please ? i don’t see it in the admin panel

To Remove animation, Kindly download this file from demo :- http://faq.ifreelance.asia/plugin/js/library.js and update your “library.js” file with downloaded file in “plugin/js” folder.

If you want to completely remove animation, simply remove the code that says :- new WOW().init();

Let me know, if you find any issue. Thanks

I’m working on implementing some parts of the script. It’s a very well coded script. Because I don’t want it to be an interactive script I made 2 directories though. One for the customer side where I removed links for login and more and one for the admin. Just a connection to the same DB but different CSS.

The minus is all the funky stuff like a custom scroll, titles come tumbling in and so on. This could be nice for a fourteen year old kid but for a ,more or less, serious website it just looks like playing with lego.

Just my two pennies.

PS. I’ve send you a ticket how to get rid of that scroll bar in the browser.


You will need to edit it in “library.js” file inside nicescroll function.

Hello, I am a doctor traumatologo with some programming knowledge (few) and I wonder if you could add a payment system (paypal payment and “Mercado de pago” and “Todo pago” are used in Argentina) to access an online attention: Would use “FAQ Knowledgebase Support Ticket System” as a platform for attention or online consultation patients and I think would be the most optimal for online consultation on a web app (Also thought in “online chat system for mobile but app”) I saw recently that made a similar customization Yamon two years ago

Lastly is not whether it would be too but for me would fail a system with a project calendar for users (patients) access on days, times and slots as a booking sistem From already thank mucahas Greetings from Argentina German Pace

Hi yes, this is possible, but it will cost extra upto 50$-70$ to add those feature.

Kindly purchase the script and send me message here ( https://codercv.com/user/3/freelancer )


Ok already I made the purchase !

Alright , Kindly send me message there and let’s get started over there.


This script is SAAS?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, This is not SAAS. Demo is up. Kindly have a look at it.


hello , where can i change student or teacher to customer or client, thanks . and is there any upgrade?

lastly ‘public’‘support’] [‘staff’]’admin’] are the ones am seeing i cant see teacher and student. i will be happy hearing from you, or tell me the line thanks

Hi, teacher are the “support” and “studfent” is the normal user. You can change these text from lang file.

Also, Can you please send me message here for {object} error in https://codercv.com/user/3/freelancer


if somebody sends a tickets why arent i updated in my inbox? also after signing up can customer get an email notification.

Hi, email notification update will be available from 20th jan.


thanks i will wait for that. its a nice script to add to my website,