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any know how to fix the anwsers ?? when you edit it’s ok but hten it goes byebye, on my localhost server its OK but when upload to real server byebye it goes

can some hlep so the data stays in place

Has anyone been able to get this working with PHP 5 .3 on IIS6 ? We can add data (manually) directly into MySql 5x, but cannot add data thru the FAQ Manager Software. Error: “An error occurred while adding this question”. Also, cannot add any Categories. Splash message says Category added! but it doesn’t show-up on website or MySql. Editing manually added data (to MySql) works fine from Software.

links broken how can i preview this

is this script up for sale?

interested, is the demo available ?

broken preview link

seems like a nice file, shame the link and all support seems to have vanished!

Is this script sale still active? I dont see the preview work and support question not replied


Great script but I’m getting a fail message. Here is the demo link

Any suggestions on how to make it work correctly?

Thank you Dan

Looks like more Code Canyon “abandonware”.

Too bad. Looks very nice, but if a basic question cannot be answered, you risk wasting time and money. :(

Does not work. Admin quickly flashes “Category Added” but nothing is added to DB and no errors are given. :/

I am a Journalist by profession and a modest web designer by passion using web authoring software like Xara Designer Pro and Serif Webplus6.

When I see the developer/author of this script had not taken the care (which is a disrespect to buyers) by not replying, we can all but be concerned and Code Canyon has also a role to play by seeing that scripts developers provide due replies and support.

I was going to write RIP to the author as he has not answered since very long when I see he has updated the script in August 2012 but still, there is no preview (not working)!

Preview still not working. It has a “page not found” error. This script doesn’t seem to be supported any longer and is horribly outdated.


My answers are open when the page is loaded. How can i solve this? I want the answer only to be visible when some one ‘click’ on a question. Also, only one answer must be visible at a time.

Please provide me a solution.

Best, Martin

For alle the others:

Replacing within faq.js the line: var ie7 etc…


var ie7 =(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf(‘msie 6’) != -1) && (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf(‘msie 7’) == -1);

Still seems to be a great way to solve the “all open answers” issue. (provider earlier on this forum by GregThimmes)

@developer: Your script badly needs an upgrade!

The live preview is not working. Do you have a link to a preview?

The live preview is not working…

Hi. I have presale question. I need a FAQ plgin that I can use with the Bridge theme (available on ThemeForest). Does you plugin support that theme? Thanks!

your demo is not showing the faq manager but an adult site I dont know how codecanyon handles that but im pretty sure they ban that kind of stuff