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Nice one! Good luck with the sales!

Nice work, GLWS! :)

New Features Being Planned

A few features have been requests for Macaw and the update to include these will begin shortly. As usual, the update will be free. In the meantime, if there are any feature requests – please post them here and I’ll do my best to work them in. Thanks!

A requested feature update has just been added to the queue and should be available shortly. Now Macaw supports full Question / Answer looping using the cycle setting. :D

Haha, where’s the demo?

It’s on the demo page ;)

Hi there. Newbie here. How would something like this be installed on SquareSpace?

Hi, yes you can use any of my plugins on Squarespace or any other platform. Here’s a good link that discusses Squarspace installation (which doesn’t seem to deviate too much from the installation in the documentation):

Hi Crusader12,

I see that your other products come with instructions on how to set them up in WordPress as just another javascript plugin.

Are such instructions available with this product?

Many thanks.

Hi spidermonkeydp, thanks for your continued interest but there is not a WP installer for this item at this time.

Okay no problem. Thank you for getting back to me. I will follow the other method you suggested.

No problem :)

Hi There, I was under the impression that i would also receive the entire demo including the images, they were what attracted me to hit the order button, please advise. Thank you

I request that you send the loader font and scroll bar style. Thank you

Hi visualnetwork, apologies for any confusion. The image on the item description outlines everything that is included in the main download file (under included with the download). The demo page is not listed and the photos are created by PhotoDune author LifeonWhite. If you’re interested in their work I’ve linked to their profile at the bottom of the demo page.


Can the answers comprise only text? Would it be possible to add a form for example? The idea would be to create Quizz.

Thanks! Mick

Hi, yes – currently this is a only based around text/dialogue – and a bit different logic/approach than quizzes. However, if you are looking for a quiz plugin – I can recommend Sid’s here:

Hi Crusader12,

I’m having some problems adding this javascript to my Wordpress site. Do you have any documentation or support regarding how I set up this javascript using the enqueue script method? Many thanks.

Hi spidermonkeydp, if you’re using the enqueue script method for WP, this it works the same as installing any other JS file. This page will provide the most comprehensive information about it: If you require additional help, please email me directly through my profile page. Thanks!

Not sure if I understand….is the Macaw in it’s various poses included? Really a great brand. Considering using it for a special needs middle school website.

Yeah, this script doesn’t work like that. It is for providing complicated answers to lengthy questions without having to add a ton of text. Basically you the user clicks Question A and the website provides Answer A. If there are follow-up questions associated with Question A, Macaw then displays Question A1… when clicked the website provides Answer A1… and so on. It allows you to only display detailed information when the user needs to see it ;)

ok, thanks for the quick replies…..prolly not what I am looking for….

No problem, best of luck finding what you’re looking for :)

Hi Crusader, this looks absolutely great the way you’ve got it setup in your demo… which made it a little disappointing to open the supplied “example” after purchasing. I don’t want to use the Macaw images or anything, but it would be really nice to have style or two to start from and build with.

Maybe even just include a stripped down version of your demo here on code canyon, with a generic image placeholder instead of the one requiring a license. But otherwise similarly styled for the many novices out there, like me! It’d be much easier to change some colors, etc. than to build everything from scratch.

Thanks! ephraim

You aren’t purchasing the demo/styling of Macaw – you’re purchasing the functionality of interactive questions and answers. If you’re having difficulties duplicating the exact layout from my demo, I’d be happy to help – just send me an email through my profile page.



I was wondering if it is possible to insert links inside of macaw answers?

Hi crumblepie, sorry – at this time Macaw doesn’t include HTML support inside the answers, but this is on the list for future updates. Thanks! :)

Hi, can i insert links into the answers now?

No, this feature hasn’t been added

can this provide multiple choice selections for the viewer, giving them a different path to choose from?

Yes – if you look at the Jaguar Game Engine I wrote and talk to characters during gameplay – this plugin is actually the conversation system built for it,