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What a shame… this is exactly what I am looking for… but I need something like that for non-WooCommerce.

Just allowing users to ask something and be able to answer, notify me about new questions and users about new answers and allow to assign to categories, tags or something, to show a list of all, all by cat or all by tax via shortoce

Hi Digiblogger,

Thanks for your comment. You can check my another FAQ plugin built for non-WooCommerce.


Note: Send notification email to user feature will be added very soon in that plugin.


hi, Can the description and reviews tabs be hidden too?.As I only need the FAQ part.


Hide description and reviews tabs is a function of WooCommerce, So you can easily hide them both.


will you be adding rtl support for the frontend form of the WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager which does support rtl?

You’re request feature has been added and released today :)

I hope now you’ll purchase the Addon.


Thanks for the update. I was asking for a friend whose site I am helping to develop. He will purchase the woocommerce faq manager and ask a question addon this afternoon. We really appreciate your help. Thanks Judy

Great. Let me know, if you need any support regarding the plugin :)


I did not find a language file for the addon. How can I translate the frontend ask a question form?


Just translate the text of ‘WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager” plugin. ‘FAQ Collector’ Addon text will be translated automatically.

If you can’t do that let me know, I’ll do that for you :)


I did a text crawler search for the term “write your question” for example and found that all the text frontend titles for the addon are located only in the wpfm-fca-shortcodes.php file. Future updates of the addon will overwrite any changes made to the text titles. Is there any way to add these text titles to the FAQ Manager language file which I create for my local language with Po edit?

Hi Benny,

I’ll not change the text ‘write your question’ in any future update. So, you can translate that text in you’re own language without any doubt.


Did you notice my response to the language file entries for the addon?

@Benny: Replied.

ty of non-object in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpfm-faq-collector-addon/includes/bwpfm-fca-custom-meta-box.php on line 150

I love the main plugin but i get an error when adding your addon. and wont work from front end.

Please advise

Replied. Please check you’re email :)


hi, please tell me how to translate letters into Russian. Thank you

Please check-


Let me know, If you need more support :)

Hi! I can not find a panel of options for this plugin.I searched everywhere! It seems that something wrong has been installed. Can Skins address of the page? I changed the name of the domain’s home page and go to Settings.

Thank you!

Please send you’re site admin panel login info via my profile page. I’ll check and let you know soon :)


I have enabled this plugin for customers to ask questions about individual products. The plugin notifies me when a new question has been submitted. However, there is no way for me to find out for which product the question was submitted for? How do I know from which product a new question comes from?


That’s a very good point. I’ll include this feature in upcoming version.

Thank mate :)

Great. Will you consider adding “Name” of the person who asked the question and the “Date” the question was posted as well? This will add more credibility to Q&As.

1) can i have a demo account to test this plugin in the back end.. 2) can i insert image, youtube or vimeo video as the answer..? last question ) can i add multiple faq page using different shortcode..? example: vendor faq, user faq, affiliate faq,

Cant get it to accept new FAQ’s—submitted support request


I’ve tested your reported issue in plugin demo site and everything is working in there. You can check-


Please activate addon and send me product page URL via support page.I’ll check and update you soon.



done, activated and send link via support page

not receiving any emails