FAQ Collector - Addon For Product Faq Manager

FAQ Collector - Addon For Product Faq Manager

Smart way to collect product FAQ questions directly from users and create useful self-service WooCommerce product FAQs lists. Addon allow site users to submit there own questions regarding product without any registration process. Website administrator get an email when new question submitted by user. Also, Addon send a notification message to user when their questions got approved/updated.

Addon automatically generate a custom Tab to collect FAQ questions. So, you don’t need to do any kind of manual configuration. You can also change “Ask A Question” tab position.

Note: This is an add-on. You must have at least WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager v 1.1.0 to use it.

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WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

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2017, May, 10 - v 1.0.4
- Fixed WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility notice.
- Update language file.
- Update documentation file
2016, May, 28- v 1.0.3
- Fixed external question submission issue.
- Added custom login box option to submit FAQ only by logged in users.
- Improved Performance.
- Improved Language File.
- Improved Documentation.
2016, April, 12- v 1.0.2
- Improved FAQ form layout. Added user name field.
- Improved Performance..
- Improved Documentation.
2015, May, 07 - v 1.0.1
- Added RTL Feature for Form Element.
- Update Documentation.
2015, January, 06 - v 1.0.0
- Initial release 

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