Discussion on FancyChat - WordPress and BuddyPress Plugin

Discussion on FancyChat - WordPress and BuddyPress Plugin

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Pre-sale : 1- is compatible with WP 5.8.2 and PHP 8.1 and BuddyPress 9.1 ? / 2- Is RTL fully support ? / 3- Is integrated with BuddyPress messages database or have separated one (if no have you plan to add it)?

It appears that the demo is not working. I would love to see it in use. Thanks!

Hello there. Thank you for notice and sorry for this. The demo is live again. Regards.

Hi, there is no live preview to check out how it works, by clicking on the button. I don’t know if that is on purpose. Would be great to see more of it. :)

Hi there. Thank you for your interest. For some reason the demo link is not working in envato frame. Anyway you can test it by going to (from two different browsers, or one normal window and one privacy window) and login with two accounts to can communicate between them :) The demo accounts are: demo1 – Fancy@Chat@2019 demo2 – Fancy@Chat@2019 demo3 – Fancy@Chat@2019


Thank you! Unfortunately it’s a little too raw for us. We would be happy with more options and especially emojis. Looking forward to seeing your development. :D

I understand. I will let you know when will be available this feature.

can i set user rolls for diffrent functions Basically I need it to work like this

User level A: can post and earn points once get to 200 points he becomes user level B and he can choose best answer .

User level B: same as A need him to have extra function such as able to see all messages between users and Mark inappropriate chats between users. User level C: all above and all inappropriate chats are sent to him and he grade the chat as okay , not okay or extremely not okay alongside with him being able to upgrade users from A to level B. When users get a extremely not okay on one of thier chats he gets a negative point

User level D: can do all above also he can block users once a user get three or five negative points also he writes notes on all inappropriate chats he also able to change question and answers of users only he and admin can make users level C and B.

Hello there. Thank you for your interest. This plugin it’s only a chat plugin that it’s compatible with buddypress. What you describe it’s more complex functionality that can not be included in this my plugin.

Hi, author, I tested this plugin out and would not lie I love the design for the buddy-press feature usage. I also loved the concept that it shows the users online friends only. 1) I wanted to ask that if no user is online could show saying that ” None of your friends are online ” 2) The plugin did not work for me. I sent “hi” to another friend online, but that friend did not receive the message instead I got errors when I selected inspect on my browser, and it just kept on adding up till my site went down. As such, I was forced to delete the plugin

Please, could you sent a limit to the ping so when a user sends a message, and the message does not go through the ping should die after three tries or so.

Secondly, could you kindly test your plugin if it supports the latest version of PHP am using 7.3 on my site also using the newest version of WordPress.

Note I have removed the plugin for now, below are screenshots of errors

Sorry for the late reply, Okay I would test it out and get back to you soon

Hi, Author, I performed the test From an account on my site, I sent a message to another user account while inspecting the browser of the user to receive the text message. I noticed after I sent the message, I discovered an error showed up, then another error showed after that the user got the message after then the same error just kept adding up like every 3 seconds and just kept adding Below links shows a is a screenshot

Also, I wanted to the point that it seems your demo link is down

Hope to hear from you soon

Hi there..many sorry for late reply. I will investigate the 508 error asap and will come with response/update. Regarding every 3 seconds, there are normal ajax requests from plugin functionality.


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